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5 Home Remedies for The Dry Hair to Make Them Healthy

4. Natural tips for dry hair

0Natural tips for dry hair

Hair is the beauty of a lady and the males like the beauty of the women due to their hair  and it is the wish of every lady that she keep long and healthy hair  but if you have long hair but there is no shine and the softness in  your hair then your hair is not good for  doing it long you should make your hair  healthy and the shiny  because a shiny and the strong hair  are the identity of a lady .some ladies who have long hair but there are too much  rough and full of dandruff due to it hair fall is increases  your hair become oily due to the use of harsh chemicals in your heads  and the hair accessories Are used  by you in a  big number .

avoid to use the hair accessories like straightner, curler and the  hair dryer these all things are harmful for our  hair  you should eat the fresh diet  and drink water at many time in a day  because water can gives you an attractive  and fresh look .for your  best  and fresh  hair you can use the home special reme4dies which make your hair shiny and silky .

Olive oil:

1. Natural tips for dry hair

Olive oil is the best6 oil for cooking because in this oil the quantity of cholesterol is very less  and the food f the  olive oil is very delicious o the olive oil is very useful for the  hair take a bowl of olive oil and keep on the stove when it become boiled then  apply this mild  warm olive on your hair and keep it for the whole night but if you have something  irritation   on your head then  wash your hair after 30 minutes  because your hair have  absorbs the  all oil in it . at the place of olive oil you can  use the almond oil ,jojoba oil , castor oil and the coconut oil and the using of all these oil  is same  you can use it  for the  massage because if you do massage on your  scalp it  makes your rot strong.

Aloe Vera:

2. Natural tips for dry hair

Aloe Vera gel is very good for the dry hair because in the gel of the aloe Vera all the nutrients are present which are compulsory for making the hair strong and healthy. Take one or two fresh aloe Vera and pull out the gel of it and pour it in to the bowl and you can add some  neem  water because neem leaves are also useful for the dry skin  another way of using aloe Vera gel is that you can  apply the tea tree oil on your hair  and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse your hair with Luke warm water   but it is compulsory thing the aloe Vera should be  fresh.


3+ Natural tips for dry hair

The hair which become dry  due to the deficiency of the  proper protein and protein is the proper way to   reach your hair the oil and make the sh8ine egg is compulsory for a person 3 in once week because  it is full of nutrients and the fiber. Use the egg  for your hair to make your  hair strong and fresh with the egg you can use  different things take one egg and add  fenugreek powder and make a good paste with it and then apply it on  the edges lf your hair  and the scalp  because we have to do make our hair shiny.

Honey and the vinegar:

4. Natural tips for dry hair

Vinegar  is best conditioner for your hair if you  will use it then you know  that how much it is good for your hair it make your hair shiny and silky take two tablespoon  vinegar in a bowl and   some honey spoons and mix it  in a good way make a thick paste then  apply it on your hair but in another way  you can use the vinegar with the warm water  and the vinegar after washing your hair at the ;place  of conditioner  you can use the vinegar with water and after the  2 or 3 three hours wash your face with Luke warm water.


5. Natural tips for dry hair

Mayonnaise is made with the egg whit but it is very good for your hair  because for making to your hair strong and silky  we should use mayonnaise  on my hair take some mayonnaise in the bowl and add  some coconut oil in  it and them do massage and for finish your dryness from your hair  you can overheat the  mayonnaise  with the  oil and the  beer can be used in it because it gives your hair full nourishment and make your hair black silky and long. Take some mayonnaise in the bowl and apply it on the scalp and the roots of the hair and leave it for the 30 minutes and wear a head cap.


Natural tips for dry hair (1)

Avoid to use too much hair accessories which can burnt your all natural shine from your hair and the chemical made hair color and the shampoos and conditioner which are not suited to your hair then skip it and select another Avoid to wash your hair in many time s in a day but do the massage in your hair twice time in a week.


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