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3 Tips to Make Your Hair Silky and Smooth with Eggs


Hair is the beauty  of a lady men like the   long hair of the ladies and the  attraction of black  long hair very  much  no hair color can  competition  with the  different   hair colors .It  is the wish of every lady   that she has  long and silky hair with the  beautiful  shiny extract but  now a days the hair which  have the ladies they  are very dull rough and the   frizzy because the  shampoo and the conditioner are  full of chemicals and the  such   things  are add in the   shampoo which can snatch your all beauty of hair.

But  you should not be worried because God has blessed us with too much blessings and all the  natural things are  beneficial for our hair  because  these are free from   adulteration so here we are talking about the hair   so when you talk about  the taking care of your hair  you should keep a thing in your mind that healthy food and the  iron made  ,vitamin, protein and the other  elements are  combine at one place   and it is no  one other that is egg  because it is full or  nutrients and the   protein  in your hair the  dandruff , weak hair  , ruff  dandruff  whatever the disease   the egg is enough to  do  everything for your hair. So if you want to  protect yourself  from these  conditions of   hair .

Yogurt with the honey and egg:

Yogurt is a best thing to  make you healthy and when it  can be  healthy  enough then how much it cannot  be  possible  that it  is not good for your hair in the summer  when you eat yogurt without eat anything   .for the   best and silky hair  you can use the yogurt   honey and  egg so take a bowl and break an egg in the bowl  and add 1 tbsp  honey with the  yogurt and stir it well  when you  have applied  then  leave it for 2o to 25 minutes  and then rinse of your hair.

Well conditioner at home:

Conditioner is much compulsory for making your hair  silky and shiny  so make the conditnier  at home   with the   olive oil  and the  egg yolk    pour some sager in the  bowl  and stir it well   for that minutes   it become a thick liquid  at the place  of honey you can  add the warm water to dilute it . When you are freed to apply then leave  and wash  your hair carefully. Avoid from using the warm water if in your hair too much splinters   then you should do it equal and  go any saloon and cut your hair.

Repair the damage hair:

Now a days the season  of summer is go on and on  so the perspiration is too much in the hair  when we keep it  open then many problems and then  the repair of your  hair and development   is continue .take an egg  and break it in  the bowl and add some  little quantity of olive oil it gives  your hair long lasting shine and protect you from the repair of your hair.

Control the dandruff:

for the  good healthy  and  dandruff hair  has need some  nutrients food because  it keep us healthy and make our hair silky and   dandruff free then you  should must use the   egg , honey and   add some raw milk and  when you have applied   leave it for the  50 to  60  minutes and  when it become absorbs  In you hair  then  when you will watch your hair  with Luke warm water  because the smell of egg is not  too much  good when it absorbs in your hair  it will create a    smell in your hair so  wash your hair with  warm water. Then you will see your hair are silky shiny and smooth with this material.


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