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How to Motivate the Students for Learning?

1 motivation for students

What is Motivation?

1 motivation for students

We most commonly used the term motivation in our everyday life but have you ever tried to understand its meaning? Of course not, well by motivation we mean stimulation, motivation means inspiration, motivation means inducement or encouragement. Motivation is an inner process that helps a person to move ahead towards the goals. It is only motivation that energizes a person to do something.

Ways to Motivate Students:

The key to educational success is motivation. Provoked students always go on the height of success. Without any kind of inducement, we cannot achieve anything in life. In order to achieve the best outcome mostly the focus of educational institutes is on the motivation of students. The reading of course related books is not enough but it’s only the encouragement that leads students towards the study the course with passion, to think with depth & to achieve study goals. In this regard teachers can play a vital role. Teachers can stimulate their students by using different ways.

In the past only one way that was used to motivate the students is the punishment but with the passage of time this theory of motivation starts to shows lots of negative impacts on the students. Consequently, the education experts start to deny it & introduce a new theory of motivation that is called modern theory. It not emphasis on punishment but it promotes gentle behavior during motivation. It depends on love. It depends of appreciation, healthy competition & rewards. Some ways that are related from this modern concept are narrated below. These ways are not only helpful for teachers but also for those parents who want to motivate their kids or teens for learning. Let’s starts!

•    Use of Teaching Aids: It is a fact that modern ways of teaching are contributing a lot in learning.  The teachers can motivate the students for learning by using different teaching aids during lecture. They can go with visual presentations, they can use colorful pictures, charts etc. For example if you are trying to teach the story of a thirsty crow then make it interesting by using video & then in the last don’t stick only on one lesson but draw different lessons from one story such as “God help those who help themselves” or “necessity is the mother of invention”. In this method, the student’s way of thinking change. They start to think in a broader way. They keep their eye all possible consequences. This ability further helps them to tackle real life problems.
•    Healthy competition: It is another way to motivate the students. Try to held tests on weekly or monthly basis. Check the test & return to student by highlighting their mistakes. Urge the students to learn not for getting higher markers but for getting real knowledge & skill that will be helpful in practical life. Keep check & balances on students because this inspection behavior from the teacher’s side motivates the student to pay attention towards learning. The teachers, who don’t care about their students, usually showcase a bad result in the last.
•    Appreciation & Reward: When you appreciate a student then it motivates her/him. Reward is also for motivating the students. When students’ works well & then give them a reward in the form of a shield, a medal or a book. For little kids it is best way of motivation.
•    Assign Responsibilities: Assign responsibilities to the students that help them in learning. Make sure you are assigning a responsibility to a student by keeping his/her capacity of doing into the mind. Before assigning make sure you express your trust on the student & your belief that “you can do it”. This will motivate students to fulfill this responsibility.  For teens it works well.
•    Give Choices: Don’t give orders to the students. Always offer them a set of choices so that they feel free & choose one thing that they can do in a better way. For example if you want to give an assignment or presentation to the students then let them to choose a topic that they can present in a better way. Allow them to choose their own research topic.
•    Keep the Learning Environment Hazard Free: There should a friendly environment among the students & teachers. Students should feel free when it comes to ask questions from the teacher about a topic. Questioning & answering in a threat-free environment always motivate the students to learn in a well way. It is way that every teacher should adopt for all ages of students. Try to involve students in learning.  The interaction between student & teacher should be good.
•    Share Interesting Study Strategies: When teachers told their students about the interesting study strategies then students feel exploratory during study. Tell them about brain storming. It is a strategy in which you write the main topic into the center & then all related words from this topic will be written around it. Students take ideas from these interconnected words & then they try to organize these ideas. For remembering different places & dates, teachers should tell the students about the association technique. Students can remember different history date by associating these dates with their birthday, their father’s birthday, by associating with their family phone number (if possible) & so on. This association makes study interesting & motivates learning. Try to urge students to find the meaning of difficult terms this enhances their vocabulary plus makes learning easy for them. Try to motivate the students by giving the basic concept of a theory so that on the base of this theory they can explain the complete idea in their own words. Enhance group study & research work. This motivates a student to co-operate in a best way. Specially, teachers should tell these strategies to those students who feel difficulty during study.

Write motivation raising quotes on walls, write on charts & hang on wall. Tell the students that no one can be a perfect but you can try best in order to achieve greatest & it is also a fact that practice makes a man perfect, so repeat a lesson again & again if you want perfection in it. Tell them about those people who never make any mistakes can never ever try anything new.  Mistakes lead towards learning new & interesting things. Hopefully, these all ways will help to motivate the student for learning.


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