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How I can make a Lip Balm at Home to treat My Dry & Rough Lips?

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Homemade Coconut & Chocolate Lip Balm Recipe:

Mostly, as the winter season arrives then, people countenance the problem of dryness on hands, face, feet, body & even on lips. They can get rid from the dryness of hands, feet & face by using lotions & creams but what they should do with dry lips? Don’t worry today I am going to tell you a very easy solution to get rid from the dryness of lips. I bring a very easy & effective homemade lip balm recipe for you. By making this lip balm at home you can make your lips very pinkish & beautiful. Let’s take a look at the recipe!

Ingredients for Lip Balm:

You need;

1)    1 Teaspoon of Coconut Oil (it hydrates and nourishes the skin)
2)    1/3 Cup of Coco Powder or Chocolate
3)    If coco powder is not available then you can also use chocolate chips in the same quantity
4)    1 teaspoon of Almond Oil
5)    3 to 4 Drops of Vitamin E Oil from Capsule (use by cutting off the tip of the capsule)
6)    1 part Beeswax

Pictures of ingredients are;

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Step by Step Method for Making Lip Balm:

The method is;

1)    Take a little jar.
2)    Now add beeswax, coco powder (chocolate or chocolate chips) & add coconut oil in this jar.
3)    Mix these ingredients.
4)    Put another pot (filled with water) on the stove. Let the water starts to boil.
5)    Place the jar over the bowl in such a way that boiled water will never enter into the jar. Now stir a spoon in jar.
6)    Mix until all the ingredients are melted.
7)    Now add Vitamin E oil.
8)    Now add almond oil.
9)    Mix well.
10)    Now pour it into a container.
11)    Let it cool.
12)    This lip balm can be useable for about eight weeks.
13)    Store in a cool place.
14)    Apply on dry & rough lips from two to three times in a day.
15)    Without chocolate its color will be white while if you add coco powder or chocolate in it then it will look brownish. See blow.
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