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Home Remedies for Growing Eye Lashes

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How I can grow my Eye Lashes?

Every girl loves long eyelashes because eyelashes make our eyes to look graceful & attractive. I know every girl is not perfect but perfectionism can be obtained by following beauty tips. Yes, lots of natural ways & remedies help you to solve your lots of everyday problems. Similarly, for growing eyelashes there are lots of ways that I am going to share with you, today. I also use these remedies & I suggest these to my friends & cousins & believe me 8 percent people out of 10% got positive results. You may be thinking that there are artificial lashes available into the market & we can use these easily but fake always looks fake, it cannot give the impression of being natural while natural always looks natural. The biggest problem with fake eye lashes is that these adds a volume on your eyes & sometimes you feel irritation. Furthermore, for joining artificial lashes with your eyes, you need to use glue & this glue can contain on harmful chemicals. These chemicals can harm your sensitive skin around eyes. So, why you are taking risk, just follow these most effective tips & increase your eyelashes length.  Here are the tips!

•    First of all you need to bring change into your bad habits. Wash your face & eyes regularly. Specially, when you come home from outside then try to remove any dust & dirt from your eyes by sprinkle water on your eyes. You need to take care your eyelashes exactly like your hairs on your head.
•    One of the most effective tips is use castor oil on your lashes. Use this oil at night. Leave it unwashed. Wash it early in the morning. Apply daily. Hopefully, after one week, you can observe the difference.
•    Different Eyelashes growth serums are also available into the market. You need to choose a serum that is made with natural products. Hopefully, it will give you effective results.
•    Try to massage (very gently) your lashes with oil. You can use lavender oil, olive oil etc. massage can actually increase the blood circulation in your lashes area & thus rapid the growth of hairs. Massage daily at night for about 10 to 15 min.
•    Try to brush your lashes daily exactly you brush your hairs for better growth.
•    Try to use mascara for adding instant length into your lashes when you are getting ready for a party instead of using fake eye lashes.
•    Your diet is also very helpful into order to accelerate your eyelashes growth. Eat fresh fruits. Take vitamin E. drink water as you can. Take full sleep & notice a positive difference.
•    Biotin is also considered best for hair growth. Biotin is found in B-vitamin. So, taker those fruits, vegetables & food item that contain Biotin. Egg is best.
•    Some beauty experts suggest that drinking of green tea once in a day daily can help you to maintain your hair growth. Furthermore, it will make you to stay fit & makes your skin glowing & healthy.
•    Mix egg white with castor oil & apply this mixture on your lashes. Leave it on your lashes for about 15 min. Then wash it. Repeat it daily once in day.
•    Avoid using waterproof mascara because it stick with your lashes very strongly & when you try remove it then it causes to break your weak eye lashes.


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