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Easy Tips to Make the Crop Top from your Leggings in One Snip:

how to turn leggings into a top (3)

Hy! Are you having best collections of leggings? And get bored to wear it as leggings again and again? Then make some fun with these leggings and add your creativity in these leggings and trust me you can made an attractive and stunning look crop top for you by self. You can’t believe this you can do it in just one snip. Here we have some steps for making a crop top from legging. Let’s have a look to these steps as below:
•    Fold the leggings in half:

how to turn leggings into a top (1)
First of all, take your required legging which is turn into the top. Keep this and fold this on a clean surface. Now you just fold the legging from the central crotch part. And get satisfaction to right folding the legging.
•    Mark a semi circle on crotch part for neckline:

how to turn leggings into a top (2)
The next step is that take a marker or chalk for give mark on legging. And mark the semi circle on crotch part for making neckline. You can wear it as without stitching neckline.
•    Cut the circle in smooth:

how to turn leggings into a top (3)
Now it’s the time to take a sharp seizer and give a sharp and smooth cut to this mark area on crouch part. Now if satisfied with your cut then reveal it in a new born crop top for you.
•    Got a crop top & keep enjoying:

how to turn leggings into a top
Finally you found your own creative crop top from legging which kind of wanted you. You can wear this crop top with your other leggings, jeans, skirts and also with trousers. Look at you in the mirror and keep smile with admire.


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