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7 ways to Grow my Hair Long before Wedding

0. 7 Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

How to do  long my hair  before wedding

0. 7 Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

Long hair is the dream of every girl because it is said that the beauty of a lady is hidden in the long hair the man also like the long hair of the ladies some ladies have very good hair which grows fast and some have weak   they break and fall they become depress due to their hair fall because they have long hair  if God has no give you  good hair then you have no  need to be worry because God has  created so  many things which  are useful for our health .so the girls who are worried  due to their hair that they have short hair and their wedding is very near  and her fiancé like the  long hair and  they want to grow their hair long then here I have some easy and homemade suggestions which can help you to grow your hair long  and good  so come with us and see these things which are good for the nourishment of the hair.

1.    Drink water and juice:

1.7 Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

Water is a precious blessing of God without water we can die a man can alive without eating but not drink water. For growing your long hair you should    drink much water  because it   make the hair strong and smooth  and for the good texture drink the juice of carrot and radish  milk shakes are also good but citric  juice must be drunk  for your growing hair  because citric is good thing to produce the hair.

2.    Oil Massage

2. 7Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding
Oil  massage is very essential for the hair because it   maintain the blood circulation and when the circulation of the blood will be good then your scalp of the hair must be strong  and  your hair is starting to be grown and you will see a   better hair on your head  so when you are going to tasking bath then mix  three   oil almond, olive and  coconut  and  do it hot lightly when it become hot  then massage it in your hair and after two and three hour wash your head  try this massage 2 time in a week.

3.    Eat vegetables:

3.7Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

Vegetables are full of iron and zinc it provide us a large quantity of the iron which is good for your bones and skin .eat green vegetable daily   because in the green vegetable there is a lot of iron replace your meal with the salad because there is no good food than the salad eat vegetable at the place of meaty if you want to eat meat then go with fish and leave the chicken burger go with fish fry burger it is good in nourishing your hair.

4.    Away from sun:

4. 7Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

When you go outside in the winter and summer  in any weather you should must keep a hat on your head because sun rays and the pollution can damage your hair  for your wedding shopping you are going to market  then don’t go with open hair because there is  so much pollution  ,smoke and dust which  effects your hair  and make it dull and  frizzy  when you  wash your  hair then avoid to go outside  because it can damage your hair and at the lace of hat you can use scarf also .

5.    Use aloe Vera:

5. 7 Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

Aloe Vera is very easy and cheap thing for your hair   you should use the gel of aloe Vera with the papaya paste it will help you to make your hair long and silky and this gel can be used with the    shampoo when you are massaging your hair with oil then use aloe Vera gel use the aloe Vera gel fresh don’t go with the preserve aloe Vera.

6.    Brush your hair:

6. 7 Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

Always brush your hair daily but with soft    hands  and starting the brushing from  upper to the bottom  and in the winter  brushing your hair in the sunlight it will help to grow your hair long because  in the winter we  find so much energy  from sun  and  when you are going to your bed for sleeping then you should must   brush your hair because it will maintain  your blood circulation for whole night . Use the soft polyester and silk   pillow because if you keep your hair on the thick and hard pillow too much breakage and hair fall becomes causes and don’t comb in your wet hair wait to dry it.

7.    Trimming:

7.7Ways to Grow Your Hair Long for Your own Wedding

Trim your hair after one month because if you don’t trim your hair then split ends  will  come in your hair and your  hair growing process will stop  so trim your hair    and use of  milk daily  it will  make your hair healthy and silky  keep away from the  hair color and rebounding before your wedding because there is so much hair falling  after rebounding and hair color spoil your all freshness of your hair.


you can use egg and yogurt to make your hair strong   and for the shining onion and garlic paste is best if you dye your hair then henna is best choice because it is natural hair color apply henna with the lemon.


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