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Yummy Paratha Roll Recipe for kids’ Lunch

8 paratha roll Recipes for kids (1)

Easy to eat tasty paratha roll recipe for kids’ lunch
To ready lunch box with varied delicious types of food for kids is great way to emerge affectionate love for them. Mothers are very conscious about kids’ diet and mostly when they are in students’ life. After the three or four hours continuously study in school kids need favorite healthiest lunch box to energize their body & fresh mind for next discussions. At this time, kids like to eat their favorite food item that should be easy to eat, yummy and less messy without dirty hands. The simple healthy & nutritious food is paratha roll for kids’ lunch box that you can make by use different ingredient in salt or sugar both patterns but this mostly liked by kids because those kids have sweet teeth, you can make jiggery paratha, sweet egg paratha roll etc and if your child has salted taste then chicken paratha roll, potato roll and some other vegetables and grains filled paratha roll can make for kids with paper wrapping for avoid dirty hands. Here, are some easiest & quick recipes for making paratha rolls for kids’ loveliest lunch box.  Take a look!

1 Jaggery roll sweet pratha recipe

1 gur paratha roll 1 jaggery paratha
First of all, you should to collect needed ingredient to make jiggery roll paratha.
•    Jaggery
•    Flour
•    Oil
•    Coconut powder
•    Water

Take a pot for fire burning and keep in this one piece of jaggery & little amount of water. Leave it on stove with little fire and make sugar syrup (chasni). When jaggery piece entirely melt then take off from the stove and leave it for normal temperature. Now, make a thick paste of jaggery liquid & flour such as you are seeing in the picture. Now make rounded bread & add jaggery paste. Cook it on the non-stick pan with good quality of oil.

2 Required items for making potato roll paratha

2 aaloo paratha 2 potato paratha recipie 34 2 potato paratha
•    Boiled potatoes
•    Salt
•    Red chilli
•    Black peeper
•    Turmeric
•    Coriander
•    Garlic paste (1 Tb spoon)
•    Onion (Small piece)
Take a bowl and blend boiled potatoes well. Add salt, black peeper, red chilli powder, turmeric according the taste. Garlic paste & little pieces of onion also insert in this potatoes mixture. Make balls by this blended potatoes & spices material. Make rounded bread of flour and keep potato ball in this and covered it. Now again convert it again into flat rounded bread and cook it on flat bread pan. Enjoy this yummy potato roll paratha with bondi raita &butter.

3 Make chicken roll paratha with steps

3 chicken paratha roll idea 3 paratha roll Recipes for kids (3) 3 paratha roll Recipes for kids (4)8 paratha roll Recipes for kids (1)
Needed items:
•    Chicken boneless in cubes
•    Spices (salt, turmeric, black peeper, red chilli)
•    Lemon sauce
•    Dried fenugreek leaves
•    Paste of garlic & ginger
•    Slices of onion
•    Oil
•    Mint & coriander in cut form
•    Vinegar
•    Yogurt (1 cup)

Take a bowl and add chicken boneless cubes and sprinkle over it salt, hot species, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, vinegar and lemon sauce according the taste and one tablespoon of each spice is appropriate. Insert blend yogurt in this and sprinkle garlic & ginger paste, fenugreek dried leaves and few leaves of cut mint & coriander. Leave it for two or three hours.
Now the time is to deep fry the marinated chicken on the burning stove. Heat up oil in pan and pour in marinated chicken for fry, after stir fry keep it with covered plate on slow fire for good cook. Make fried bread (paratha) and keep chicken spicy cubes in the center and around it salad (cut onion, cucumber, and cabbage with lemon sauce). Roll it well and cover with paper for easy to eat.

In the below pictures, egg roll paratha, fenugreek paratha and peas roll paratha are included those you can also easily make at home for kids’ healthiest lunch box. Cover this roll with oil control paper and present with tomato ketchup and other sauces for appetizing taste.

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