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Mouth Watering Most Favorite & Yummy Street Foods Of India


Indian streets are well famous for its cheap, delicious and easily available food. Every Indian city has its own specialty in street foods or snacks because Indians love chatpatey or spicy food. Dear readers! Here we are interested to share with you the most famous Indian street foods. If you are food lover then this post will work best for you because we have posted a collection of top Indian street foods with names.

Pani puri:

1. panipuri

Pani puri is the most popular street food of India, it is not only famous in India but all South Asian people love to enjoy Pani Puri. Deep fried crisp hollow balls are stuffed with spicy mash potatoes, chickpeas, sprout, sweet chutney and spicy tangy water.

Vada pao:

Vada pao is the most loved and ultimate staple food item and most popular road side food straight from the heart of Maharashtra. India version of burger consists of fried potato dumpling called vada served in a bun called pav. Vada pav is served with condiments such as fried green chillies and tasty red and green chutneys.

Chole bhature:

3. chole-bhature_

Chole bhature is commonly eaten for breakfast or snacks.Chole bhature is a Punjabi dish but very popular in major urban cities of India. Delhi is well famous for best chole bhature. Delhi is one of the best places to have street foods, this city offers a huge variety of road foods and stalls.

Akki rotti:

4. Akki rotti,

This delicious food item is made from rice floor and served with coconut chutney. This street food is one of the most popular and common tiffin snack quick to make and so tasty to eat. This quick bite is not only traditionally eaten for breakfast but best feasted as an evening snack and one of the most favorite common tiffin snacks.
chaat Dahi-Batata-Puri


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