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How to Make Dried Fruit in the Microwave

4. how to make dried fruit in the microwave

Ideas to do dry   the fruits in microwave

0. how to make dried fruit in the microwave

Fruits are   very good for the health because all the vitamin and the fiber food is   compulsory for the good health but not only   food rather milk fruits and vegetable are must for a   healthy life  .in the  many countries some fruit are available  every time they  want to  do it use in their daily use  if any country   has not found some fruits then they should buy  these fruits and instead to store it they should  dry it  and preserve in the jar and use it  in your daily routine it is good for the breakfast and if you are on the dieting   then  these foods are good for you and with the milk and yogurt the mixture  of dry fruits  can give you a good taste  so I have some ways to tell you about drying the fruits  in the microwave oven  at your own home. Some fruits are used in the many dishes like orange, grapes, apples, bananas, cranberries and many others.
Take some pieces of  any fruit which do you want to dry and  put it in to the oven and set a timer   but keep in mind the heat should be slow because overheat can burn your   fruits  .take an apple and cut it in to pieces   and keep it on the plate  and  set the 3o minute timing then you will see your fruits  become dry and  keep in your mind  microwave  should be  on the defrost system .you can dry your fruits in the air  very easily  keep your all fruits in the plate and put it in the fresh air it will be dry.whe you keep the fruits on the oven plate then it should be neat otherwise your fruit can be stick to it .First  of all take a banana   spouse you want to do it dry then peel of it and piece it in to the  slices and keep  in the oven  in maximum place  and it may be some pieces become    dry as fast than the others   so  do check the  fruits  after  few minutes  and when you feel smell then it’s mean your fruits are ready to use   it  in the cakes ,porridge ,juices, chocolates  and  the   use in the jams  because it is easy to make and it can be add in the jams  make jams and dry some fruit and  add these   fruits   enjoy it and make your health good. But when you are going to put out these fruits from the oven then beware because it will be so hot.

0+ how to make dried fruit in the microwave 1. how to make dried fruit in the microwave 2. how to make dried fruit in the microwave 3. how to make dried fruit in the microwave 4. how to make dried fruit in the microwave



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