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How I can make Potato Bowls at Home with Uncomplicated Recipe?

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Potato Bowls Simplest & Easy Recipe:

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Do you love cooking? I mean do you like to work into kitchen? Yes of course you will be because if you never then you will never be on this page. Are you getting my point what I want to say? So, let move ahead. Today, I am here with a very delicious recipe. Can you guess it? Ohh, you can because I mentioned the name of today’s recipe into the title of this article. Well, now you may understand very well which recipe I am talking about. Yes, you are right I am talking about potato bowls. I think everyone like potato because by using this food item you can make very delicious dishes. Potato bowl is one of these. Kids, especially, love this dish. They like to eat these bowls during lunch time, in breakfast as well as sometimes at dinner time. These are very light to eat. Let take a look at the recipe that will tell you how you can make these at home.

Ingredients for making Potato Bowls:

You need;

1)    Potato 6 to 8
2)    Olive Oil 1 table spoon
3)    Sour Cream 3 table spoon
4)    Green Onion 1 (Chopped)
5)    Cheese 30 gram (its optional)
6)    Black pepper & salt (as you like)
7)    Egg 1

Step by Step Method of Making Potato Bowl:

1)    Pre heat your oven on 2000C, 4000F & gas mark 6.
2)    Wash Potato well.
3)    Don’t peel off potato.
4)    Keep washed potato in oven dish.
5)    Sprinkle Black Pepper & Oil on these potatoes.
6)    Now keep the dish in oven for about 30 to 35 min.
7)    Bake potatoes until they fully cooked.
8)    When cooked well, then bring out potato dish from oven.
9)    Let it cool.
10)    Now cut the potato from top & extract potato from inside as shown into the following picture.
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11)    Now add sour cream, egg, chopped green onion, salt & black pepper in a separate pot (bowl), mix all ingredient carefully.
12)    Now fill the potato with this mixture carefully.
13)    After filling, in last add some cheese on the top.
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14)    Now once again, keep these filled potatoes in the oven & bake for about 5 to 10 min so that this mixture (that you fill inside the potato) cooked well.
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15)    You can keep the filled potato in fridge at night & cook in oven in the early morning. Make your kids happy by making this simplest, easy, less time consuming & delicious dish at home.

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patato bowls Recipes for kid (4)

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