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Different Ideas for Keep Bananas Fresh for Long Time


Benefits of bananas:

Banana is most loving and delicious fruit and everyone likes it due to its sweet softness. Banana is full of calcium, magnesium, iron and sulphar. It is low fat fruits which is full protein. After strawberry, banana is rich in iron quality. Among the category of beneficial fruit, banana is prominent place. It is full of vitamin, it is ripped with vitamin A, vitamin B and C. Due the excellent quantity of vitamins banana is considered beneficial and recommended by most of patients also. For teeth patients banana often become most worthy fruit.

People are shared banana for long time to enjoy its delicious taste and benefits even in off. To store bananas here we are sharing some tips, these tips are excellently best to store bananas for long time. For kitchen use and to make different remedies bananas are stored. Here we are sharing some excellent tips in this regard. These tips will amazingly help you in storing bananas for long time. Let’s discuss these beneficial tips which are best to store this god gift in most protective way.


•    Always buy green bananas to store them for long time. Green bananas are not full ripen and you can easily store them for long time.
•    Store bananas according to the room temperature. Avoid refrigerate and deep freezer as it will prevent th3e fruit from properly ripe. So keep unripe bananas according to the room temperature.

•    To keep a bunch of banana fresh for the long time, wrap its stem with plastic wrap. You can also wrap the stems of bananas individually by making them separate from one another. Plastic wrapping will keep bananas fresh for long time.


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