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Delicious & Easy Meat Sandwich Recipe for Kids

meet Sandwich Recipes for kids (2)

How I can make Meat Sandwich at Home Complete Recipe?

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Mostly kids like to eat sandwich. They like it during lunch time & some like to eat in breakfast while some eat sandwiches at dinner time as well. Dear mothers, sandwich is one of the very easy recipes to make at home. Yes, now you can prepare very delicious & tasty sandwiches at home only in few minutes. Today I bring the meat sandwiches recipe for you. Just read it carefully & try at home. I am sure that your kids will praise you after eating such yummy sandwiches. Let’s take a look at the recipe!

Ingredients for Sandwich:

meet Sandwich Recipes for kids (2)

You need;

1)    Bread slices
2)    Meat (you can use cold meat slices, you can use boiled chicken as well as you can use grilled beef or meat or chicken)
3)    Tomato (cut in slices)
4)    Cucumber (cut in slices)
5)    Mayonnaise
6)    Tomato Ketchup
7)    Mustard Sauce
8)    Cheese Slices
9)    Oil
10)    Corn Flour
11)    Salt
12)    Black Pepper Powder
13)    Green Chilies (cut)
14)    White vinegar

Step by Step Method of Making Sandwich:

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Follow the steps;

1)    First of all you need to cook beef/meat/chicken. It depends which type of meat you are using. Chicken can be boiled in just few minutes. Beef can be cooked in oven as well as you can use cold beef slices. You can also cook meat on grill. Before cooking meat you can sprinkle a little bit salt, black pepper & white vinegar. It will helpful in order to make beef/meat or chicken soft in less time.
2)    Add some corn flour into the cooked meat/beef/chicken & cook for about 2 to 3 minutes.
3)    Now take bread slices. Cut their edges.
4)    Add very little oil in a pan & fry these bread slices.
5)    Add some mayonnaise & tomato ketchup on the slices.
6)    Now add cheese slices.
7)    Add mustard sauce.
8)    Now put cooked meat/beef/chicken on it.
9)     Add tomato & cucumber slices plus green chilies.
10)    After completing this layering close the sandwich with other slice of bread. Now cut the bread slice in such a way that you will get two triangular shape sandwiches.
11)    Present in a plate with tomato ketchup.

These sandwiches are best to school lunch time. School going kids will surely love this food item.
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