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boiled egg recipes for kids (4)

There re mostly people are love to cook & eat different food items with creativity. Mostly mom are complaint that their children does not eating the food with appetite & they return the lunch box from school as it is. An egg is very important food item for everybody & it having all the nutrition elements in it. So, suggested you to prepare the kid’s lunch box with boiling egg & presented them with different creativity ideas. Here below we presented different kind of ideas to present the boiling eggs with creativity for kids:

boiled egg recipes for kids (1)
Eggs: 6
Water for boiling: 4 glasses
Black pepper: 1 pinch & 10 gram grains
Salt: 1 pinch
Red ground chili: 1 pinch
Carrot (optional): some slices
Capsicum (optional): for garnishing
Coriander (optional): few leaves
Cheese slices (optional): 3 slices
Fruits (optional):  required to your fill
1.    First of all turn on the burner & put a pan with water for boiling. When water make the bubbles in it then put the eggs on it carefully & boiling for 15 minutes.

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2.    After 15 minutes put out the eggs from the pane & put them in a separate plate. Now you careful pull out the shells from eggs & finally you get the boiling eggs.
3.    The main thing is to presenting the boil eggs with different ingredient like you can present the eggs with spreading the salt & chili & presenting them with some fruits in lunch box.
4.    Besides this you can make the caterpillar insect for your kids with eggs, chicken babies with eggs, snow statue with boiling eggs, angry birds with boiling eggs & also simply cut behind center & present with different ingredients.


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