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Tips to Pull Off Pastel Grunge in The Modern Age


Grunge style is the fashion of 90s and it was on its highest peak during 80s and 90s and everyone liked to adopt the style. So in the modern age, if you are tired of all the glamour and business style fashion and want to adopt something different then the grunge style is best because it is a cool style and here are few fashion tips to pull off pastel grunge. So follow the steps to get a grunge look.

Your clothes don’t need to match for grunge style and another way to get into the grunge look is by layering your clothing as you can carry leather jacket with shorts and you can make your own ripped denim because rip jeans are another staple of the grunge style and in the grunge look for ripped up denim shorts and leather in all forms and colors has become the most important detail in the grunge style. This can be leather shorts, leather boots, leather jackets and leather pants. You can pair some denim shorts with band shirt to be a perfect pastel grunge fashion example.

Tie and dye looks nice and it is an uncommon sight as the sneakers are designed in tie and dye in multi colors are looking good and good choice to pull off pastel grunge and grunge style is all about comfort and insouciance so forget the heels and go for chunky shoes as these tie and dye multi sneakers will look good with denim shorts.

Grunge doesn’t mean that you can’t wear skirts or frocks. Just express yourself appropriately and if you want to adopt grunge style then don’t forget to carry edgy accessories as chains, studs, spikes, and zipper and metallic details.

Contrast is always important in fashion and a great place to bring in a little contrast with the pastel grunge look is with your lips and you can make a contrast with your new dyed hair with some pretty pastel lipsticks as the contrast shown in the picture the hairs of the girl dyed in purple color, her eyes are clearly defined with dark eyeliner and her lip color is dark maroon and wearing a black choker around her neck is looking so nice.

Dye hair is one of the boldest and easiest changes to pull off pastel grunge. Pink is an extraordinarily popular color as blue, green and purple so dye your hair in cotton candy pink, so you can be very daring and allow your inner rainbow unicorn to come out and play by doing several colors at once. Pastel grunge pink hairstyle is made with buns and shimmer is sprinkled on the head to make the style beautiful looking cute.

Spikes and studs were incredibly popular in the 90s and they were used in clothes, belts, bags and shoes as you can see the picture of spiked/studded shoes in pink color and will look good with skirts and pants.

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