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Tips to Choose The Dress Color for Wearing at Different Places



Dressing is fully  represent your personality  because  through your  dressing a  well mannered   person can judge your  personality that  what type of person you are the prints colors and the designs of your  dresses  can easily show you in front of the others .the dresses which we carried daily it is  a tough job  for us  that  we can’t  decide that which dress is good for today and which will for the tomorrow .

there are so many colors in this world and mostly colors are made for the ladies because the men  only carry the light color  and these bold colors are made for  the   ladies they carry it with different styles and at different places . Everyone likes any one color most and all the other colors are not too favorite of him but it is possible that the color which is liked by you is good for you but not good for your luck. So make a good chart of colors  in which the dark and light both are added because  if you carry  daily same color it  look like your uniform and you will also fed up with that color and hate it  so it is better  carry that color  many time in a month but don’t leave the others. So if you feel confusion in the selection of dresses then stay with us and see.

For the working ladies:

Many ladies are working in the offices, companies and connected to many institutions they should carry such dresses which are not in the bold colors because you are working in the office and office and the job places are such  places where you  should live  reserve and  your personality should be decent and  impressive for the others. The colors for the working ladies  if they are senior then they should go with the skin ,  mustard,  peach ,maroon and the  mehendi color because it can show their seniority  and  the young ladies can carry the  peach ,tea pink ,beige ,sky blue and the yellow color  because you are  a teacher or any  officer  and whatever you are you are a role model for the others.

Dresses color for the wedding:

Wedding is such a day when everyone likes to go with dark color because   all the things are decorated lighting colorful decoration and the bulbs so in the wedding your sparkling and bold colors look good  the  senior ladies should carried in the wedding dark colors like  navy blue , maroon , magenta ,sea green, shoking pink all the colors  are good it can be too much fancy and  it can be simple because it is up to the choice of you . The color is totally showing your personality so with the fancy dresses keep your make up light. The young girls can select the black, red, green, purple and royal blue these all colors can give them   good look according to their age.


Color for the presentation:

The presentation and the interview is  must held of everyone because  everyone is doing job now a days  so for the presentation contrasted colors are good because  the light color can give you a  dry look  and people think that you are a bore person  and if you wear black then other think that you want to dominant on us  and showing proud to  your  abilities and  pure white shows that you are very sophisticate person  and you are  mature enough than your actually age . Wear simple dress don’t be confused keep yourself normal   and don’t apply too much makeup because it can show you that you are giving attention only on your look not in the presentation.

Color for the get together parties:

Many parties are organized as just like that  farewell party ,evening party , tea party ,dinner ,lunch birthday party etc are  must  in every year so you should not be worried about your dresses because the combination of good and bad is perfect choice  for you on the get together parties  you can  should  carry simple and elegant dresses  because it is in their home   so the black with the mustard combination and the  grey with the  plum color and the red with the black is nice choice. Light pink with the sky blue, peach with the white and brown with the black all are decent colors for the get together parties.


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