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Step Hair Cutting at Home

1. step hair cutting at home

Step cutting ideas at home

0. step hair cutting at home

Haircut plays  a vital role in the life of everymen  in previous years it was the need of only men but now the ladies   are uncompleted without cutting .Some ladies who have long hair they  also cut their  hair but  their length is long because they want  new look and it is fact that haircut can change your overall look   and in summer mostly ladies cut their hair short because in eastern countries too much hotness  which can’t be  bearable   and you go in the saloon and parlor for trim your hair and cut them in to layers and steps .It is better for you that you should do your hair short at your home from yourself  because you remain busy in the domestic chores and   it is difficult to  spend your time in parlor and beauty salons which remain filled with people and so much crowd  places so I have a trick to cut your hair in a stylish way at your home.

•    First off all wash your hair with a good shampoo and then conditioner to it.
•    If you have washed your hair in the morning and time of your cutting is in the evening then you should do wet your at that time with shower and combing them gently.
•    When you have combed in your hair well and you have felt that all the tangled and hurdles are finished  but if you have something curly hair and want to cut in steps then you should straight your hair first and then cut it in the style of step cutting.
•    Make a center of your all hair and now  together your all hair and  bend your head toward down and make a  ponytail  of your all hair  and combing on your ponytail now.
•    How much length you want to your step hair  then you can cut your hair in  that length from your ponytail and then you  will feel a touch of  step cutting in your hair  and when you feel  the step then trim all the  splint ends and  cut your  bangs with scissors  and for the prominent step you can cut your step with razor  but it will give you a choppy layer hair cut.
•    Now open the ponytail and combing in your hair   if you want to do blow dryer then it is up to you can  do it  and if you are going on the functions then  do your hair setting according to  step cutting .
•    With the step cutting you can make many hairstyles and step cutting is best for all young girls because it suits on their faces they look gorgeous and decent in this cutting so these are my tips to cut your step at your home.

1. step hair cutting at home


Haircutting pay an important role in the appearance of all ladies if you are fed up with the dull routine of your life then you should must cut your hair because I have many seen people whose faces becomes totally changed after the cutting so you should must go with step cutting but beware at the use of scissors you can cut your hair in wrong way and a minor mistake can damaged your all hair so use the quick scissors for cutting your hair.


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