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How To Look Graceful With Hijab And Long Coat

modern hijab with long coat (2)

Hijab with long coat is the obvious dress in many of the countries and women find themselves very classy and trendy. Especially for winter you will love to go outside wearing long coat with Hijab. Amazing and fabulous designs of overcoat are shown here and these will give you tremendous look.

Sleeveless coat or coat with full sleeves will help you to have remarkable and enthralling look. Long coat will help to cover your body properly and also these will help you to stay safe from cold outsides. Sleeveless coats are for ultra fashionable women to wear with fitted pants and tops. Some fabulous outfits are shown here:

Skin color coat with pant and top:

1. modern hijab with long coat (11)

Don this skin color coat with full sleeves. With collared and sleeves the coat is looking incredible. Wearing pant with top and this coat woman can have tremendously gorgeous and stunning look. White color fitted pant with light color top and coat you can have outstanding outclass look. Light cream color multi-layered Hijab with top you will look very nice and gorgeous.

Black trousers with top and overcoat:

2.modern hijab with long coat (5)

Going outside in winter you can wear black trousers with top. With this attire you can couple long coat with lining and have nice look. Wearing dark color scarf with the coat you will look very awesome and fantastic. With the outfit wearing boots you will look very active and can flatter your own individual look.

Light brown color pant with tea pink color top:

3. modern hijab with long coat (3)

For professional ladies this look can really work. Tea pink color shirt with the long coat that is in brown color will give you stunning look. Tea pink color stroller will look fabulous to wear with this coat and outfit. You can carry a tea pink color hand bag to compliment your dress. Tea pink strappy heel shoes will make your stunning look complete.

Black pant with top with tea pink overcoat:

4. modern hijab with long coat (9)

Black color fitted pant with top that is also in black color is accompanied by tea pink color coat. Black color Hijab with the attire is looking awesome and couple with white sneakers you can have outclass and outstanding look.

Wrist watch and black goggles can be your accessories to compliment your dress. This coat will give you very nice and fascinating look and with hijab you will look somber and gorgeous to impress others.
modern hijab with long coat (1) modern hijab with long coat (2) modern hijab with long coat (4) modern hijab with long coat (6) modern hijab with long coat (7) modern hijab with long coat (8) modern hijab with long coat (10) modern hijab with long coat (12)


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