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How I can make My Eyebrows at Home with threading?

0 define starting, arch & ending point with threading

Step by Step Instruction for Eyebrow Threading:

How much money do you pay for shaping your eyebrows? Is it $50 or more? Now you can save your money by making your eyebrows at home just by learning threading technique. I know in this age of fashion women & girl’s can never imagine going outside without proper appearance. They want to keep their face flawless with proper eyebrow shaping, pinkish lips, no acne & fair complexion. So, it’s the right time to learn it so that you can give a right shape to your brows at home. Here I am going to illustrate step by step tutorial. Hopefully, after reading these instructions you will be able to do it at home.

•    First of all you need to define the starting point of your eyebrows, arch point & ending point. You can define these points by using a pencil. Keep this pencil on the right side of your nose in straight style. The starting point of your right eye is defined where the pencil touch your brow. Now rotate the pencil a little towards mid of brow keeping it along with nose & it will define arch point & now rotate the pencil towards end of your brows keeping it along with your nose. It will define ending point. As shown below into the picture.

0 define starting, arch & ending point with threading

•    You can give a shape to your brow with a pencil or highlighter. The eyebrow shape is actually selected by keeping face shape into the mind. For oval shaper face soft angled eyebrow shape is best. For long face flat shape eyebrows are best. For round shape face the high arch eyebrow shape is best. For square face shape the curvy shape eyebrows are best.
1 give outline to your brows according to your face shape
•    Now prepare thread for threading. Cut a piece of thread (10 to 15 inches long). Now bind both edges of thread with each other. Hold thread in your both hands in cross pattern. Repeat cross pattern from 4 to 6 times.
2 prepare thread for threading
•    Start threading from the top part of eyebrows. Follow the outline & pluck your brows with thread.
3 start your threading of eyebrowes from top part
•    When you move down part of eyebrows then hold your skin tightly as shown below.
4 hold tightly
•    Follow the shape from staring point to ending point.  Continue threading until you get the required shape.
5 threading eyebrows step by step (1)
•    Remove the extra hairs from nose area that exists between your left & right eye. As shown below!
6 threading the extra hairs between left & right eye (1)
•    If any extra hairs also left then use tweezers & pluck extra hairs.
7 pluck extra hairs by using tweezer (1)
By following these instructions, you can surely do your eyebrow shaping at home. Best of luck!


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