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Glittery & Sparkly Girl’s Outfits Come Back into the Fashion

5 short sparkly work around bodice dresses

Sparkling Dresses are Best Options to Highlight Your Personality in Parties:

Dear ladies & girls, it’s the right time to say a big “NO” to your old & boring matte style outfits & say a big “HELLO” to the shimmery dresses. No no I am not joking or kidding, I am damn serious about it. If a party is near, then of course you would like to highlight yourself into the party, then don’t think a lot just choose a sparkly dress for you & become the “lady of the day/night” by wearing it on the party.

Now the question is what kind of sparkly dresses you can get? Well, when we talk about sparkle then it means those dresses that have ultimate shine & glittering effect. Here I can define total four types of glittering outfit that I also love the most. First one is an shimmer outfit that is made by using a fabric that have its own shine (I mean a shinny fabric), there is no embroidery on it but still this stuff looks very glittery to the eyes as you can view into left side of the following picture 1. Second type is called sequins work dresses (as you can view the second left portion of the following picture 2). You can try sequins work on chiffon stuff, georgette, velvet, net as well as on tulle stuff. Sequins are available in different colors & you can try same color sequins embroidery on same color stuff or you can think about a combination such as black sequins work on grey color fabric.

0 four types of sparkly work mirror wrok, sequins, shimmer stuff & rhinestone work

he third type is mirror work. Mirror also gives the impact of being sparkly. You can get mirrors in different sizes & shapes that allow you to create different pattern on your dress as you can view the picture 3 above. The fourth is the rhinestone, beads or crystal work on dresses, rhinestone/beads or crystals also adds an instant shiny effect on a dress. So, if you like this one then you can think about it. The types never end here but here I would like to focus only one these four types of sparkly party dresses. When you carry a shimmer attire then keep some points into your mind these are;

1)    Avoid wearing heavy jewelry with shimmer dresses.

2)    Try to hold a simple clutch with such shimmer work attire so that you can get a balanced look.

3)    Don’t try too much shimmery make with too much shimmer dress. Add little glossy lipstick on

your lips & keep eye make less shimmery.

Here are some selected dresses ideas for you. Take a look & choose one style that you like the most!

Golden & Silver Sparkly Gowns for Party Wear:

1 golden silver long gowns for evening parties

When it comes to shimmer outfits for party wear, then I think the golden & silver color gowns or dresses are considered the most flattering. Is it true? Yes it is. Mostly girls think that they have only these two options. Yes, I agree that silver & golden looks most flattering but you still have lots of other colorful shimmer dresses options but silver & golden are must have for you. Whether you want to go on a formal party or at a festival party but you are unknown from the theme of party then play on safe side by wearing either silver or golden shimmer dress. With sleeveless shimmer gowns I think bracelets can go best into your wrist while a pair of high heel strappy shoe is best.

Bright Color Sparkly Gowns for Evening Parties:

2 bright color sparkly party wear outfits for women

For those parties that are expected to be held at night time such as New Year party or prom party I think you should prefer the bright color sparkly dresses such as you can try green gown or red sparkly dress. Night is a time to play with dark hues. Sparkly dresses never stop you from styles, I mean you can wear a sweetheart neckline sparkly dress or a sparkly top with a knee length skirt & even you can try a long sleeved shimmer maxi. So, pick any style that you love!

Light Tone Shimmer Attires for Day Time Party Wear:

3 lighter tone shimmer dresses for women
Mostly girls think that they can wear sparkly dresses only at night time events & parties but dear you are thinking in a totally wrong way because now days designers are offering pastel tone or very light tone shimmer attires to those events that are going to be held at day time so that you can shine like a star even in a day light by wearing these softer tomes sparkly dresses. You can view some soft shades into the above picture. Whether you want to wear a short or long dress? It’s your choice!

Long Full or Heavy Sequins & Mirror Work Gowns:

4 if you want to highlight yourself in a party so wear sparkly dresses

Women generally think that heavily embellished dresses look very odd & over but dear when the heavy work is done intelligently by the top designers & brands then of course even a heavy work gown looks very decent & timeless as you can view a golden mirror work straight cut sleeveless ankle length gown & a red color one shoulder style floor length mermaid gown. Both are designed by the top designers & that’s why looking very eye capturing even with heavy work. So, now dear ladies, what’s your opinion about heavily adorned sparkly gowns?

Short Cocktail Dresses for Party with Shimmer Work:

5 short sparkly work around bodice dresses

If you want to enjoy a dance party or a fancy costume party, or you want to look like a little doll or princess then dear girls I suggest you to wear short sparkly dresses. In short sparkly outfits you have two options. First is that outfit that looks like tube dress & second is those attires that look flare. These attires may be fully or partly embellished with shimmery work. Here into the above picture you can view flare style partly embellished attires. Here the shimmery work is done only around the bodice.

Shimmer Party Wear Outfits for Plus Size Women/Girls:

6 plus size ladies can highlight yourself in a party by wearing sparkly dresses

Do you have a plus size body? Then the question is what style of shimmer outfits you can carry? Well, I suggest you to wear plain shimmer stuff outfit. The fabric that has its own shine can go best on your body. You can also try grayish or black tone ball gown style attires as you can view into the above picture. The ladies who have plus size hips they can try ball gown while those ladies who have wide shoulders but slim waistline then they should try shoulder less dresses with waist belts so that they can highlight their waistline beauty.

Slim Ladies & Sparkly Outfits:

7 slim women can highlight yourself in a party by wearing sparkly dresses

Slim ladies are great blessing of God because they can pick up any style that they like. They can go with leg slit style shimmer dresses or they can try tube dresses. Once again wear less jewelry with glitter attires & choose high heel strappy footwear or a high heel pump. Add curls into your hairs or try a fancy bun. Best of luck!


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