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Fashion Tips & Chic Ways To Style A Poncho

Chic Ways to Wear Poncho (3)

Poncho is an outer garment designed in woolen fabric to keep the body warm; it is also used in rainy season to protect the body from wetting in rain and a rain poncho is made in from the water tight or water proof material to keep the body dry from the rain water.

Poncho is a large piece of garment tailored with a centre cut or opening, slit in the middle so that bit can be slipped over the head and some ponchos are tailored with an extra piece of fabric serving as a hood.

This type of garment has been used by the Native American people under the territory of Bolivia, Peru but these days considered typical South American garment. Poncho was one of the typical clothes of Paracas, Pre-Inca culture around 500 B.C.

These days in this fashion world poncho is designed as a fashion item by using the different types of garment. Modern ponchos are designed in yarn, wool, knitted and crocheted also, these are worn to look fashionable and for warmth while remaining comfortable and breathtaking.

Fashion lovers love to wear different styles of poncho during the cold winter days in order to protect the cold and to make a style statement look. Here we are giving you some tops to wear a poncho as a dress or as a top wear with different styles of bottom wear.

If you are a working lady then consider wearing this poncho dress designed in cozy stuff in black and white colors with v-neckline a matching pompom and fringes on the border are making the simple poncho look nice and stylish.

Team this poncho with straight leg jeans, ballet flat black patent raccinal shoes and hang a black color hobo bag on your shoulder and finish off your casual look by wearing a pair of sunglasses while going out.

Don this printed poncho having midnight blue, powder blue and white colors over your one piece mini dress to create a sexier look. This look is perfect for a night out of the town, throw your printed poncho over your favorite mini dress and accessorize your dress with statement necklace, black color hat.

Don’t forget to wear a belt to cinch in your waist for showing off your body curve and team your overall look with knee-length boots designed in pure leather in high heels and a side zipper closure.

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