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Exclusive Velvet Bags for Ladies


A hand bag is the most important accessory of all women to hold personal items. When a woman goes out while shopping, work and party, she doesn’t forget to carry her hand bag or clutch. A hand bag is a larger accessory that holds objects beyond currency, cosmetics and such as personal items. Hand bags are valued for their stylishness as visual accessories as well as for the function. A bag held in the hand or hung from a shoulder strap and used for carrying small personal articles and money. Purses are made by leather and soft fabrics like velvet.

Velvet like silk is one of the ostentatious fabrics which is elegant and has always been associated with royalty. It feels soft on the skin, shiny yet not too bright and its rich look has dazzled royalty all over the world. Let’s talk about the hand bags made in velvet.

Small hand bag is designed in maroon color, it has a full lid cover and a lock on the cover to open or close the bag and there is a metal chain with velvet stripe to carry the bag on the shoulder. This simple and nice small bag can be used for casual use and a girl can also use this bag match to the dress for any kind of formal party. Other maroon bag has a golden handle made in metal to hold it tightly and this is equivalent to carrying a briefcase and communicates the importance of the woman’s job.

Placing your accessory in front of your person is almost a form of armament. This style of bag-wearing often indicates a more cautious personality, someone who is reticent or shy. Small hand bag is designed in printed velvet in red color and it has two chains to hang on the shoulder. The girl is looking a boho girl because she wore a sleeveless black short top with cutout mini skirt in blue color and boho jewelry and sunglasses with red frame.

Small hand bag with leather handle is designed in box style and decorated with golden lace and jewels and a white tassel like fringes looking nice and can be used with a fancy dress for a party. Mostly women like to carry bags match to their dresses as you can see in the picture. A girl wearing a purple dress made in velvet with same color gloves and holds a clutch made in the same stuff and color looking nice and perfect for evening party.

A pouch is designed in ruffle style with metal chain and metal frame in golden color. This kind of bags is now in trend and every girl wants to carry these at any kind of function, match to her dress. There is two options with this pouch you can carry it in your hand and also hang on your shoulder. The choice is yours and mostly girls like to hold a pouch in their hands.

This clutch in golden velvet is small but long because it is designed in rectangular shape. This is perfect for evening party and you can use this clutch with your fancy dress too in the function.

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