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Convertible Heels Turn Your Heels from Flat to High Heels


Persian designer Tanya Heath has made the wonderful and unbelievable type of interchangeable heels, chunky block ones and stilettos available in a variety of height. Her inspiration came when she found herself wearing heels to work even when she was pregnant. She told that during my first job in Paris, I changed out of my ballerina flats and put on high heels for work and my co-workers just started ridiculing me, so, I stopped the ballerinas in the metro.

I was only wearing heels even while during pregnancy and then gradually I started destroying me feet. Then her inner entrepreneur decided enough was enough and Heath made it her mission to design the perfect shoe, one that combined the mobility and ease of a wedge with the unstoppable glamour of a stiletto and her solution of this problem by creating a line of shoes with removable heels, aiming to relieve women of their aching feet while at the same time keeping them chic. We must admire her wonderful creations.

The convertible heels or removable heels are a blessing for those who want to change their style frequently. The convertible heels shoes will let you change your flats from casual and everyday wear to formal wear. The lowest heels come in one inch because completely flat shoes damage the feet and the higher heels more than 3 inches also damage the feet badly so always use one inch heel.

The new foldable high-heel shoes are an innovation that will fulfill the needs of women who want to combine style with comfort. The life of all women is busier because a woman has to perform several duties throughout the day like going to work, household works, shopping, and kids, weekend travel, combined with the social life of a teen ager.

It is difficult for her morning footwear choice, which could be too painful, too limiting and not attractive enough so it is concluded that they are in contrast need of a shoe that can be altered on demand to meet their constantly changing needs during the day.
This pump-shoe has a special mechanism that will convert a flat shoe into a high heeled and the main goal in designing the pair is to meet the needs of women who can do all their activities without having to change shoes during the day.

These convertible shoes can be paired with an assortment of heels, from a chunky two inch platform to a dizzying four incher. This product is intended to make the life of a woman more easy and elegant. The black pumps are designed in pencil heel in spikes design and metal spikes are in different colors silver, golden and black. The pair is designed with changeable heels and you can change it according to the need of circumstances. If you are going to attend a party then you should carry this pair with heels and if you are going to work them remove the heels and use the pair flats. This innovative mechanism promises to change women’s shoes from ultra high-heels to simple flat shoes.

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