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Complete Guideline for Hair Color Selection

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How I Can Choose a Hair Color for My Hairs?

It is a fact that that we are living in an age of fashion & if you want to survive into the society with great confidence then you need to fulfill the requirement of fashion by following latest trends of clothes, footwear, make up & hairstyle/hair colors. But only adopting a latest trend is not enough for you. You need to search a little before adopting any trend. Then you need to determine whether it will suit you or not? If the answer is yes then you can follow it otherwise you should avoid such trends that can never go best with your personality. Be wise & be bold. Sometime a trend never suits you but when you adopt it in such a way with little changes that it becomes perfect for you. So, you need to think a little that’s why I said “be wise & be bold”.

Similarly, when it comes to hair fashion then you need to choose hair color & hair style very carefully. Today, my focus is only on the provision of a complete guideline on how you should a hair color for your hairs. Read the following points.

•    It is a fact that in hair colors you can find endless list of colors from light brown to dark brown, from pastel to darkest tones, from neon to light etc.
•    When you color your hair with dark or light colors, in highlights or lowlight style then it brings a great change in your overall.
•    If it suits you then you look more beautiful & if it never suits you then this hair color become a bad blunder for you.
•    So, how you should choose a hair color? Follow some point.
•    Your skin tone is the first & most important factor in order to select a hair color. Experts say that your skin tone & hair color both should always be complement with each other. So, first of all determine your skin tone by going in the light usually natural light & observe your skin tone mirror warm whether you have warm or cool, pinkish or yellowish skin etc then choose a hair color. The following pictures will help you in this regard. My aim is to tell you that your skin effects a lot on hair color selection.

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•    The second indicator is your eye color. Yes, eye color has a great impact on the selection of hair color. Eye color is a good indicator for choosing right & natural hair color. First determine your eye color & then choose a hair color. Learn from the following pictures.
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•    Don’t judge the color from it cover because when you apply the color on hairs then its tone changes by mixing with your natural hair color. So, first check hair color on very little hairs & see the result then apply on all hairs.
•    Sometimes, experts say that you can take an idea about color selection by looking towards whether silver jewelry suits you best or golden. These two tones help you to determine whether you have warm tone or cool. Silver is for cool tone & gold is for warm tones.
•    You should visit a salon & take suggestion from a hair color experts.


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