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Classy And Elegant Nail Art Design In Light Shade

light color nail art ideas (1)

If you are looking for classy, elegant and beautiful nail art designs in light shades. To complete your ideal look and to add some more amazing and perfect final touches to your outfit you want to decorate your nails in a different way then you need to worry because here is the list that we are going to present to your attention is just the right thing you need.

These nails are decorated with polka dots and heart themed nail art design. Checkout this pretty pink and black nail art design, nails are painted with glossy baby pink shade and decorated with black acrylic which represents polka dots and cute small heart detail design. Play around with a white matt color on your nails, this nail art design is very classy and elegant. Coated in matt white color nail paint and accented with glitter on the top of some nails and some are fully decorated with glitter.

Add fun to your square short nails with this cool looking nail art ensemble. Look at this lovely short nail design with gleaming pearl white tip and one is decorated with panda’s face while the other nails are adorned with glittery polka dots, lines and topped with clear nail polish for more glow. This simple design is cute and no one nail is super easy to do, it just uses your natural nail color, so you don’t need to worry about running the different polishes.

Plus, it is a nail design for short nails that will be striking any season.
This is a wonderful looking pink nail art design, using matt white color as base coat. Lovely details such as pink over coat and white polka dots are added on top to make the nails beautiful. Awesome looking nail art design using light blue and metallic copper color nail paint in triangular design.

Wonderful flower inspired nail art design, bring a cheery vibe to your nude nails by adding simple white flowers in white nail polish. Add embellishment to the cuticle part of the plain nails to give more effect to the nail art. You can write the first letter of your name with glitter, beads or tiny sequins. Glorious looking nails art with stone embellishment on the top.

It is a rather simple yet adorable looking nail art design with beautiful white flowers on the top. Paint some nails in light sky blue nail polish, leave them as it is or you can embellish them with stones, beads or sequins too.  Paint the other nails in light pink color and decorate them with floral details. The flowers are painted in light strokes of white color along with gold sequins and sprinkle some glitter near the cuticle line to make the nails more beautiful.

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