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Tips For Increasing The Longevity Of Manicure

How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer (2)

Girls are very much conscious about how their hands look and not only the young college and university going girls but women do also take a lot of care of their hands and they know very well for the beautiful look of the hands the shape of nails contribute a lot.

These days’ new designs and styles in cutics have attracted women a lot. In the effort of making their appearance elegant and beautiful from head to toe they are struggling to find out the beast way and method for making the nails look awesome and beautiful.

If you do not like to change your nail paint daily and want to keep it as fresh as it was looking on the first day then you can fulfill your desire by following some tips that are here for you. These tips will help you maintaining your cuticles for a long time:

•    First of all apply isopropyl alcohol on nail to remove any kind of dust if there were on nails. If you are at salon and your beautician does not do this before manicure then you can well estimate how much knowledgeable she is.
•    You can use white vinegar or nail polish remover as an alternative of isopropyl alcohol
•    Before starting the cuticle process remove any kind of cuticle if there is and make sure your nails are clean from all kind of polish if dropped accidentally
•    Run your nails on fingers and notice if there are ridges on their surface. And if there are then your nails need buffing. Buff your nails until you have smooth surface of nails. For best result buff in one direction instead of buffing haphazardly.
•    Try to use the products of same brand. Because brands test their products having same of all. So if you apply base of one product and nail paint of other then this will not give you good result.
•    In order to prolong the life of your manicure you should use topcoat daily. Apply thin layer of topcoat daily to make your manicure last long.
•    Tips of your nails need the most attention so cap the tips of your nails
•    If you going to salon for manicure it is better to bring your own nail paint because mostly in salon such paints are used which are thinners.
•    Do not shake the bottle but you can roll it between your hands. Shaking can cause bubbles in formula that will not give perfect result of manicure.
•    Scented lotions or hand sanitizers like fragrance containing products can damage the grace of your manicure and can damage its longevity.
•    To adhere the nail paint to nails for long time apply basecoat.
•    Give double layer to the tips of the nails and make the tips save from chipping. Because tips are the place where chipping happens naturally.
•    Do not dry your nail paint with hot air coming from mouth but try to make them dry with cold air.
•    To save your manicure from chipping avoid heating because heat can heat can cause your nail paint smudge and chip.

Following these tips you can make your manicure last long and your nails will look fresh and new that will please you.

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