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The Best and Effective ways to Clean Tile Grout Yourself

4. How to clean tile grout yourself (4)

0. How to clean tile grout yourself
I daily wash off the tile floors of my home but anyway it becomes panic of having the tile grout due to rushing traffic of family members and falling of food and other nasty items. How much efforts you put on daily basis, the grimy grout finds itself anyway and sometimes house ladies go with the dangerous chemicals and acids that are harmful for the user and also for tiles to fake the real quality or color. That is why I have decided to make you know some efficient ways that can be experienced by yourself, just taking out the items that are easily available at home.
I also liked one tip that was given to a blog by heating the vinegar in microwave and mix it with dawn, pour it into a spray bottle and sprinkle the liquid to desired area. Letting it for few minutes, rub it with brush and you will find your desired results. Besides this method my 5 ways of handling the sticky grout will help you further. But before going with any of the method, you must observe the nature of grout that it is just able to handle in some time or the stubborn one that was not looked for a long time.
Get rid of the old methods of using clothing surf or acids that need a long scrubbing effort. I am going to sum up some ideas for cleaning the tile grout.

The powerful baking soda:

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Baking soda is must-have in your kitchen when you have to clean the appliances or the tiles, its power of cleaning the grimes or grout becomes visible when you will apply it to any of your floor.
•    Take 2-3 cups of baking soda if you want to clean out your entire floor otherwise it depends upon your need
•    Boil the one cup water and mix it to baking soda in a bowl, go on mixing until it becomes a thick paste
•    Dip a spare toothbrush into paste and apply to the grout, let it for 5-10 minutes and then scrub it off
•    After scrubbing, wash or wipe it with water, your most of the grout will be cleaned

Effective use of ingredients:


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I find the vinegar, lemon, baking soda and water enough ingredients to clean any of the gunk or grime from backsplash of kitchen, sink, shower or the tiles, that’s why consider this method effective to submit here.
•    Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup and mix it in the baking soda and vinegar
•    Water is optional, if you need to make the paste into liquid form then add some quantity
•    Fill the spaces of tile grout or floor with this paste and wait for some time
•    Rub it off with stiff brush or tooth paste and wash with water
•    The fast acidic power of vinegar and lemon will ultimately grab off the desired results

Vinegar: 3. How to clean tile grout yourself (3)

If you are sick of having thick grout on weekly or monthly cleaning of tiles then opt for a daily cleaner by boiling the vinegar and put it into a spray bottle. Keep it in to washroom or the room and daily spray it with wiping the grimes effectively.

Only baking soda and vinegar:

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In the above points the addition of lemon and water has been told but you may have only baking soda and vinegar paste to apply on the tile grout for efficient outcome.

Baking sodas and bleach:

5. How to clean tile grout yourself (5)

Well the use of bleach is banned when it talks about cleaning of floor but with some precautions you can find the tile just new like using the bleach and baking soda.
•    Take a bowl and mix the bleach and baking soda but make sure you are wearing the hand gloves.
•    Keep your ventilators open while using bleach
•    Wear the ruff clothes so that if there may any splash the white stains cannot harm your dress
•    Apply the paste to tiles and sit for some time
•    Get start again scrubbing with a brush and wash it off
•    You will surely stun by the shine of your new like tile

Final tip:

while using acids or bleach keep the doors open and don’t mix the two that may react bristly.



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