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Some Methods To Make And Keep The Room Neat And Clean

best way to clean your room and keep it clean (5)

It is very important to keep that place neat and clean where you are living because it will make you very happy and you will love to stay at home. Going out with well-arranged room will please you a lot on your return. With arranging the room and keeping it neat and clean you leave good impression on visitors of room and also this will give you pleasure.

You will not need to search around for a lost thing in a messy room but with things all arranged on place will help to save your time for having your required thing within no time in hand. Here we are going to describe easy methods to make your room neat and clean:

Keep things on their fixed place:

For all the basic things that you must have in your room there should be fixed place for them. Do not put the clothes or books on bed but in cupboard in the room keep all things in that. Hang your clothes in your wardrobe and also keep all accessories there.

Small things like perfumes and make-up products can be placed on dressing table. Keep the filthy clothes in laundry basket and do not throw dirty shoes here and there but keep a fixed placed In wardrobe to keep them.

Dust the every corner of the room:

Must keep the windows open to let the fresh air come in and bad smell go outside. Sunshine is necessary to kill the germs or bacteria. Dust each and every corner of the room, side tables, rack, dressing table and wardrobe all must be dustless.

Even clean the walls of the room with clothe because small particle of dust will spoil all your effort to make the room clean. Also clean the windowpanes with liquids that are available in market to clean mirrors.

Vacuum the room:

If your room is embellished with carpets then vacuum the room twice a week. If there is no carpet then wash the floor and with anti-germs products wash the floor after sweeping it.

Do not eat in the room:

You must have a separate room for eating because eating in your personal room on bed will make that become filthy soon. Also the smell of food will spread across the room but if you have wide room with windows then have a table of small size in the room.

Sitting on couch I the room you can have your meal putting that on table before you. But eating on bed does not sound good and the best thing is to have your meal outside the room.

With washing the floor, giving vacuum to room, dusting and keeping things to the places they belong you will be able to have neat and clean room that will stay clean for a long time.

best way to clean your room and keep it clean (1) best way to clean your room and keep it clean (2) best way to clean your room and keep it clean (3) best way to clean your room and keep it clean (4) best way to clean your room and keep it clean (5)



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