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Simple way of Gel Stain the Cabinets Yourself

1. How to Gel Stain Cabinets yourself

Are you sick of having the fade cabinets in to kitchen, washroom or anywhere in the home that is making the view of a space unpleasant? Well this is with most of us, as the cabinetry in homes is given attention after a much time. Some people are panic of hiring the interior designers who surely have much to pay, but what would be more preferable than updating your cabinets yourself. I wanna tell you about magical thing which will help you anyway to change up your cabinetry just like a magic with gel stain that is available in market not in a liquid but in a thick paste form.
Gel stain is useful when you want to give coats to your old look cabinets. First I was reluctant of experiencing as I fear if it is destroyed, then with pushing all the fears I owned to do miraculous work to update my kitchen cabinets. I will tell you one by one that which things you have to keep with you or what are the steps to follow for gel staining your cabinets.
Gel staining is super fine and even budget friendly but for first time, you will find it a mess and then second time with possessing all the items it would be super easy to repeat all the steps quickly.
First you will have to take off all the handles or appliances from cabinets as you cannot work with that all but if you have intentions to renew the cabinets then must keep attention on the hardware appliances too, on which you may spray the bronze color that is delicious and available on any shop. But with renovating the entire kitchen you may change the hardware appliances if you can bear the expenses.
After taking off the hardware, separate the cabinet doors and drawers but make sure about floor as it would be stained with greasy gel stain while you are putting coats, opt for a thick plastic sheet if you want to gel stain cabinets on floor or you may go with an old recycled table.
Wash off the cabinet doors and drawers then after drying, take an angled sand piece for sanding the wood cabinets but only for 1 minute as it does not require too much scrubbing just to rub off the upper layer of wood cabinet so that the coats of thick gel stain would stay easily.
For applying the first coat of gel stain bristle brush, foam, any type of cloth are your preferred tools to gel stain with, or with what tool you are feeling comfort. Now give the first coat to cabinets but keep in mind take it to one direction without any mess. Go on giving coats to all the doors and drawers of cabinets. The suitable time to dry the all stuff is 24 hours but it depends upon the humidity and temperature of your certain region that will dry the cabinets. Give the second coat and then wait for next 24 hours, lastly move ahead with the same steps but make sure the coat will not too thin or too thick, in fact the proper one.
In the first two coats the outcome or the impression would be messy one with irregular stain gel shape but when the final coat will be implied, you will stun with the dark and new look of your cabinet.
Put all the doors and drawers to cabinets and link the hardware, you will see the miraculous change in the final appearance of your kitchen. In these easy steps you can make your cabinets wondrous and cool.


1. How to Gel Stain Cabinets yourself 2. How to Gel Stain Cabinets yourself

Final suggestion:

When you are going to gel stain your cabinets, you must cover your hands with gloves.



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