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Remedies To Give Natural Glow To Nails

Girl's hands with perfect nail manicure

Every conscious woman desire to look perfect from head to toe. If you desire to know how much a woman is conscious about her look then do not simply guess it from her dressing but you can guess that from the smaller things like her nails. A conscious woman must pay attention to her nails so to make her hands look neat and clean. If you want to look neat and clean then must do effort to make your nails look shiny and glowing.

You do not need to go to salon for this purpose but in home you can do different things that are natural and with home-made products you can have best result. Do not let your nails lose their shine and natural glow but following a simple ways you can have attractive nails even without cutics. Some natural remedies to restore the glow of the nails are her for you:

Lemon juice for removing the stains:

Doing home chores and the time you spend outside in pollution can cause stains on your nails that will give yellowish look to nails. You can soak your n ails in lemon juice for some time then add vinegar and warm water in lemon juice and simply rub your nails with brush. This method will help your nails shine and glow.

Olive oils:

You can dip your nails in warm water and then add a few drops of olive oil in the water. Dip your nails in this water for a while. You can do this method for nails on daily basis.

Use petroleum jelly for brightness of nails:

Petroleum jelly will give you wonderful result. You can apply petroleum jelly on nails and can give a brightening look to your nails. To retain the moisture on nails you can massage your nails with petroleum jelly after every bath or every night before going to sleep.

Butter for nails:

Butter is the ingredient that contains vitamin A, B, E, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium and all these nutrients can help your nails grow naturally. What you have to do is simply give massage to nails with butter for a few minutes and after it wash nails with lukewarm water and within a few days see the result of your effort to make nails naturally glow.

Eat yoghurt daily:

Eating yoghurt daily can make your nails shine and glow as yoghurt contains iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin A, C, D and E.

Eat foods contain vitamin E:

Eat food rich in vitamin E such as eggs, corns, cucumber, spinach, nuts, avocado and broccoli etc. Food rich in vitamin E will help in the circulation of blood and will help in the growth and health of the nails.

Scrubbing nails with tooth paste:

Nails like skin also needs to exfoliate and the scrubbing of nails can be done with the help of tooth brush. Take a soft tooth brush and with tooth paste rub slowly on nails to give them natural glow.

Food rich in hydrochloric acid:

Intake of food rich in hydrochloric acid will help your nails to retain their shiny look. Apple cider, vinegar, lemon juice, spinach, black olives and celery etc are full of this acid that you must have in your body otherwise lack of this acid can make your nails look dull and also will damage hairs and skin making them look dull too.

Stop buffing too much:

To give proper shape to nails is a good thing but too much buffing can damage the natural look and glow of your nails. Stop buffing a lot and drink water a lot as not externally but internally too your nails need care.

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Girl's hands with perfect nail manicure

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