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Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

8. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

Ideas to clean the jewelry at home

0. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

Gold jewelry is the most favorite of all ladies  because it is so precious and look nice when you wear it  is the jewelry of  which is given you by your family and some  find in their legacy  and many  ladies who like gold purchase it  with their own  because people think that gold is the other name of saving and investment  it help us in  the difficult situations because sometimes we have to face such circumstances  when we have no  extra money which can help us  then we sell our jewelry and then fulfill our need  and the  not only gold rather all jewelry like diamond ,silver and metal  liked by the ladies. When a thing which is favorite of you   and have a lot of financial value then it is confirm thing that you will must keep it save forever. There is some common way to clean your jewelry which is very easy at home because when you go for a cleaner of jeweler then   they demand high cost for cleaning it . If you have such jewelry which became so much rustic and dull then these homemade easily available things can be used to remove the stain and dust of your jewelry.

Clean the jewelry by yourself:

0+ Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

•    First of all keep your jewelry in the safe places where it remain save from dust and  the oil because when you keep these things near to the grease then the color  of your jewelry  becomes  start to  faint so when you have not  use that jewelry at that time then keep it in a  plastic packet and  keep it in the box which is airtight.

8. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

•    Secondly when you are applying the body lotion then keep your jewelry away from it because scent and the perfume will cause to your jewelry black .when you are working in the kitchen something frying and using oil then not wear jewelry because the grease is built up on the jewelry and that is tough to remove it.
7. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

•    When you have much concern for anything then you do much take care of that thing same as the ladies love with their jewelry   so they want to keep their things clean and tidy so for the cleaning of jewelry no use such chemicals which are not well known because they will clean your jewelry as temporary but the beauty and real shine of your jewelry will be vanished because the jewelry becomes use to of that chemical.
1. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

•    Baking soda is must available at everybody’s home so you can make a paste with the water and baking soda take a bowl and pour some water in to it with the half spoon of baking soda and mix it well and dip your jewelry in to it for 10 to 20 minute leave your jewelry in that mixture and when you will draw out it will be so shiny and glittering.

3. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

2. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

•    Tooth brush is such a thing which is very useful t clean the things as just like it cleans your teeth and when the brushing timing is finished we use this brush for cleaning the nails so with your soft Bristles brush clean your dirty jewelry   use a detergent and add some water in to it and dip the brush and rubbing this wet brush on the jewelry you will the dust is   decreasing.
5. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

•    Hot water is also a good way to remove the grease ,dust and the  grime so  submerge your full jewelry in the water  and keep it  for half an hour until when you see the dirt is floating on the surface of the water then put out the jewelry   but beware when you are dipping your jewelry in the water because it can spoil the  gemstone and Rhine stone  so when you carry out the jewelry from the warm water then dry it  accurately because water can be  remain there which will  spoil the setting of your jewelry.

4. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home

•    Tomato ketchup is also effective to remove the dust and grease on the jewelry because in the ketchup there is adding of vinegar which s much useful  to remove the stains so  you can use this paste  for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with cool water  ammonia  and aluminum  foil; is also another option to remove the dirt and grease    so it is up to you which way do you like most.

6. Learn How to Clean Your Jewelry At Home


jewelry cleaning is very easy at home with these things don’t go for the cleaner because it  can  effected on your budget so  you should keep your expensive things clean and  tidy with yourself at home  because natural things can’t be harmful for anything.


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