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Ideas to Clean the Floor with Homemade Cleaner

0. how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

0. how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

Houses are the such places where we spend our lot of time and if you are a working lady then you have an idea there is no place except house where you find rest or peace only house can give us the feelings of rest and calm and everybody has wish that his house should be neat and clean and everybody like it because a empty place whether it is so furnished and decorated is consider a house but you way of life style and live with your family make this house as a home .Everybody decorate his house according to his taste but   a woman has a duty to keep it clean   your house is represent your personality because if your house is very dirty then people say you idle and lazy but if your home and yourself will be neat and clean then everybody will praise you .So here we are talking about the floor of the houses which is different of all houses but if you have wood floor then I have different ideas to keep it clean because dirty floor spoil your all house pomp so learn how to keep homemade cleaner.


0+ how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

Ways to clean the wood floor:

There are many ways to clean the floor and many detergent are available in the market but these are not much effective then you are in the search of cleaner which is not much expensive and easy to clean the floor.

1. how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

First of all a take bucket full of hot water and add 2 cap vinegar and then mix lemon oil mix it together until a soap layer become in the bucket and dip the floor mop in the bucket and then clean the floor you will feel extra shine on the floor and a sweet fragrance is also for your health and your home. When it become dry then with dry cloth wipes all the wetness. If you feel there is much spots of dust and other things stain then take a bottle which is something like shower and then make a mixture of cleaner in it and where you have to need to remove it then spray there and wipe it with dry cloth.

2. how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner 2+ how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

Tea is best way to away the sleep when you are busy in the work and sleep is fully occupied on you then you use tea same is with the floor because when it becomes fed up means fully dirty then you should use black tea to clean the floor one cup of warm and pour it in the pot and then add the black tea in the warm and a thick mixture pour where you feel very thick spots on the floor and then rub it softly with dry cloth and when you swipe it you will feel wonderful change

3. how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

Lemon and vinegar is best for removing all stains and spots then you can use vinegar with baby oil and then mix it together and make a layer on the spots and where you feel much dirt then wipe it with the net stuff fabric and   when it is near to be dry then leave it for 5 to 6 minute and after these timing you will see there is no stain on the floor and your floor will be shining.

3+ how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

Floor cleaning is not too much tough but when you find the such cleaner which is safeguard of your floor then it can remove all dirt, spots , scars and other stain which you don’t like as just like tea spot, nail polish ,grease and many things which destroy the floor then you should use warm water with detergent and little bit use of nail polish remover to get rid of all strong spots. These ideas are not for the wood floor you can try these cleaner for another floor also but little bit changing.

4. how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner

5. how to make yourn own homemade wood floor cleaner


Wood Floor are very sensitive and easy to perish then you should not use thick brush and drag heavy weight accessory on the wood floor and use fabric mop on the wood floor never use sprit or petrol on the wood floor to remove the stain because it can faint the color of your floor and never make a layer of dust and mud on the floor wipe out the dust daily and keep it shiny with the daily care. If you will clean it daily then you have not to do much effort to clean the floor of your houses.


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