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How to Clean Copper by kitchen Items?

1 lemon & salt for copper polish

Ideas to naturally polish copper material

1 lemon & salt for copper polish
Copper is finest metal that used for making diverse items but mostly we see copper pots in kitchen and except this pipe fitting joints. Copper jewelry was also worn in the ancient time by women. Origin texture of copper is gleaming but with passing the time and surrounding air transform its shiny look in tarnish unsightly appear. By chemically commercial copper cleans by harsh materials but you can naturally come back its gleaming shine by home cure. These natural products will already find in your homes. Take a look and get ideas!

1 Lemon & salt

1 lemon-aid-use-l.w784
This treatment rapidly shows affect and everybody amazes from its magic result. This chemical-free way will change your old copper pot in wonderful shiny look. Take a lemon and cut it into two pieces, sprinkle salt its inner cut side and rub it on the copper. You will soon found admiring gleam effect.

2 Use ketchup for polish copper

2 copper polish with ketchup
Ketchup is not just for your burgers, you can also use a little amount of ketchup for remove black grease from copper. Squeeze ketchup on copper old pots and take piece of cloth and rub it over ketchup. After few mints, you will see shiny copper by this easiest natural.

3 Polish tarnish copper from baking soda

3 baking soda & lemon for polish
Baking Soda is very effective for home remedies that have bleaching qualities. Combine it with lemon drops and make a thick paste now lap on copper and rub with robust fabric. This will show superb best result and surely will change your tarnish copper in gleaming shiny look.



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