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How I can Clean Hair Brushes at Home with Easy Step by Step Instructions?

0 how to clean hair brushes

Sanitization & Cleansing of Hair Brushes at Home Complete Guide:

0 how to clean hair brushes

Do you ever try to look deeply towards your hair brushes? Of course not! Yes, I know you never ever try to look towards this extremely important & most commonly used everyday accessory. Now, it’s the time to pay attention towards your hair brushes because neat & clean hair brushes always looks very nice  plus these brushes makes your combing very easy because these detangles your hairs very gently. When you use a hair brush continuously then after some days you will observe a blackish detail inside the tooth of comb or brush. This blackish material is actually the dust that attached with comb when you use it into your hairs. Sometimes you may see oily material on the comb this also starts too visible on comb due to excessive oil existences on your hairs & scalps. You need to clean these combs & brushes on weekly base. Today I am going to illustrate a complete method of cleaning hair brushes. Read carefully!

1)    First of take water in a bowl & boil it.
2)    When the water heated well then dips your one or more combs or brushes in this bowl for about 15 to 20 minutes.

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3)    For more effective results you can add liquid soap or surf into the boiled water so that this soap will help to remove oiliness.
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4)    Now take a tooth brush & try to remove dust from the teeth of the brush.
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5)    Now wash the comb/brush with water & remove all lather.
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6)    Let it Air Dry.
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Hopefully, these steps will help you a lot in order to clean your hair combs & brushes.
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