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How I can Clean & Arrange the Store Room?

various ways of cleaning and arranging your store room 4

Ways to Organize Storage Room:

I have a storage room into the basement of my home. In other words I can say that my home’s basement is usually used as store room & I throw all extra but useable items into this room. I go into the store room only when I need a thing. So, I never visit this room regularly. I know this part of the home is usually considered the most disorder & clutter part & no family member like to visit it on regular basis. I personally think that as we take care of all the parts of home such as bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room & TV lounge similarly we should pay attention towards the store room. Yes, it’s a fact that this part is used less but if it is well organized & clean then of course you can find a required item only in some seconds without sneezing. If the store room of your house is totally disorder, then it’s the right time to wake up & go into the store room with the aim of making this room well organized & clean. Once you done it then visit it after two or three days & keep your eye on its cleaning & arranging as you usually keep your eyes on the other parts of the home. Let’s starts how you can arrange & clean the store room. Step by step method is illustrated below.

•    Division: First of all you need to divide all the items that are present into the room in four main categories. One category should include those items that are important for you & can be used into the future (this is called keep category), second category should contain on those which are not useable (this is called throw category) & third are those which can be donate able (it is called donate category) & fourth is the category that include those items that you actually want to sell (it is called sell category). Always keep in mind that less is more.

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•    Empty the Store Room: After the division of the all items into four categories, try to throw unusable products into the main trash basket of the home. Now three categories are left. Bestow the donate-able items to the poor & needy people. Now only those items are left which are necessary for you & those that you want to sell. Sell the items (that you want to sell) ASAP. Now, keep the remaining items outside from the store room.
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•    Clean the Empty Store Room: Now clean the empty store room. First of all use the long broom & remove the spider webs from the corners, walls & hidden areas of room. Now clean the floor with broom. Ceiling roof, fans, doors, windows, drawers & cabinets (if any exists) should also be cleaned very well. First try to remove dust from the door & window with a dry piece of cloth & then use wet piece of cloth & then once again use neat dry piece of cloth for removing extra wetness from windows & doors. If there is mat on the floor then use vacuum cleaner for cleaning it. Paint walls if required.
•    Repair Broken Doors & Windows: If the doors or windows are broken then try to repair these so that any animal such as dog or cat cannot come inside the store room. If these animals will come inside the store room then your storage room can smell bad due to their potty.
various ways of cleaning and arranging your store room 2

•    Add Shelves, Racks, Baskets, Crates, Hooks etc for Storing Different Goods: If there are not drawers or cabinets into the store room then it is suggested to you to make shelves along with walls. Keep the proper distance among the shelves according to the goods size & shape that you want to keep on these shelves. You can also use baskets for storage as well as portable racks & crates for storing goods. Hooks, bins etc can also be used. Think about Magnetic wall storage for necessary metal tools. Consider the place under the stairs as storage. For storing your too personal item, try to use locker cabinets or drawers.
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•    Make Proper Zones & Grouping of Similar Items: Now it depends on you how you will make proper zones on shelves & in baskets. Try to keep same category items on one shelve & other category item on other shelves. If you are keeping goods in baskets then try to label each basket so that you can get the require item without hurting other baskets. Some people keep lots of things in store room such as extra grocery items, extra clothes, extra toys of kids, extra laundry products, old books, magazines & newspapers, old machinery & so on. So, here I just want to say divide your store room space in such a way that these all can get enough space for proper storage. Create homogeneity. I mean keep all books, magazines, newspaper at one side while keep all grocery item at other side. Try to keep the perishable goods at proper places as well as in sealed container & use these before the last date.
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•    Easy to Access: Set the frequently used item near the door of store room so that as you enter into store then soon you get the required item. Always keep in mind that heavy goods should always be kept on the lower shelves so that you can easily access these heavy goods while low weight goods can be kept on the highest shelves. If you keep heavy goods on the highest shelves then you can face any kind of body injury when you want to bring it down.
•    Dehumidifier the cold & wet storage places: If the storage place is usually observed wet & cold then try to dehumidifier it. Keep the things in plastic containers & baskets because plastic keep the moisture outside.

When you will all the above described tips then believe me you will get extra space in the storage room plus it will make you feel quite satisfied. Once you clean & arrange the store room then be careful & frequently visit this part of the home & keep it neat, clean, odor free & well organized. Once you need to effort hard then later you will feel free & light. Best of luck!




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