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Easy Ways to Keep Hands & Feet Clean & Soft

how to keep clean your hand and feet at home

How I can keep My Hands & Feet Clean at Home?

how to keep clean your hand and feet at home

Hand & feet are also as important for us as our face. But I mostly observed that girls pay lot of attention only towards their face. They only want to get fairness on face, they need glowing skin of face & pimple free face. Face face face! Dear don’t do this. Don’t neglect your hands & feet. Hands & feet also required as much attention as your face. When you outside then UV rays not only affect your face but also affect the skin of your hands & feet. As your face is remain uncovered in normal routine, similarly, your hands & feet are also bare. So, why you are neglecting these??? No one likes pigments on skin. No one likes dark skin tone because these make you feel embarrassment. Here are some very easy ways that can help you to take care of your hands & feet. These tips can help you to add instant fairness as well as these ways can add glow. Before fairness tips let me tell you some common points that you should remember. Let’s read out these ways!

Some common points to remember are;

•    Wash your hands & feet after work with a good anti bacterial soap.
•    Whenever you wash your hands & feet then don’t forget to moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer.
•    From removing dead skin cell, soak your feet in lukewarm water for about 10 min then rub with a hard brush & then wash with a cleanser. In the last use cold cream or lotion.
•    Always wear weather appropriate footwear.
•    Wash your shoes if you think these are dirty because germs can affect you skin.
•    Use petroleum jelly for making your feet smooth.

Some tips for removing dark spots & for getting fair skin are;

    Lemon & cucumber Juice: First tip for making your hands & feet fair is the use of lemon juice & cucumber juice. Mix these both in equal quantities. Now apply these on your hands with a cotton pad. Apply twice in a day & after 3 days you can see visible positive results. In the last wash with water & don’t forget to moisture your hands & feet.
•    Raw Milk: Try to apply raw milk with a cotton ball on your hands & feet before sleeping. Wash when you get up early in the morning. Use this tip daily & I am sure after some weeks you can see positive change.
•    Orange Peels Powder: Old people usually say that powder of dry orange peels when applied on hands & feet by mixing into milk then it can fair your skin.
•    Tomatoes: Try to use tomatoes on hands & feet. It will act like a bleaching agent on your skin. Its massage can remove bacteria; dead skin cells as well as it make your skin fair. After massage keep the tomato pulp on your skin for 15 min then wash with water. Use it daily & get amazing results.
•    Salt & lemon can act best as skin exfoliates. If you want to exfoliate your hands & feet skin then use these two ingredients. Cut the lemon into two pieces, now add salt on lemon & rub on the skin. After 2 or 3 min rubbing, wash your skin with water & moisturize with lotion.
•    Simply rub the lemon juice on hands fingers, at elbow, at anklet area for removing dark spots.
•    Use doctor prescribed crack healing cream for healing the cracks from feet.



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