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Best way to Make Orange Power cleaner at Home

6 orange circuit cleaner at home (63)

Terrific idea to make homemade orange power cleaner

6 orange circuit cleaner at home (63)
Hay fans! This is the time to enjoy Orange season that world’ third favorite fruit taste and has countless attributes. Eat one orange in a day is a good deal for healthy nourished life because this is low in calories & prevent from many risky diseases.  This is great helpful for healthy fresh skin and also used for natural facial scrubs etc. This sweetness slightly citrus fruit is favorite choice for everybody that used in diversity forms like juice, slices and marmalades and powder etc but here I am going to use this massive advantageous fruit as a kitchen power cleaner. Yes, this has amazing powerful antiseptic quality to easily remove, grease, oil, grimy oven, cooking splatters from wall, stove, ink, coffee or grass stains. To make this homemade orange cleaner is really a good job to save money and avoid from harmful chemical cleaning products. If you want to make this easiest citrus cleaner at home then stay here for further few minutes and get terrific idea.

First of all, you need to collect required items:
Orange peels
Mason jar
Spray bottle

Step: 1

1 orange circuit cleaner at home (46)
Save the orange peels & pith in the Mason jar instead of throwing away these to consider rubbish. Almost half or ¾ part of jar should fill with citrus peels.
Step: 2

1 orange circuit cleaner at home
Get white vinegar & pour it in enough amounts to cover the orange peels.
Step: 3

2 orange circuit cleaner at home (7)
Lid this glass jar and allow converting into nice dark tint for two weeks. The time period of infuse these citrus peels into paste can be longer from two weeks.
Step: 4

3 orange circuit cleaner at home (5)
When orange peels are mixed into vinegar then strain it by using fine mesh sieve in to a deep bowl & discard the peels.
Step: 5

4 orange circuit cleaner at home (6)
Keep this orange liquid cleaner at a safe place & use it for natural easy cleanliness with add 50/50 water in a spray bottle.
Step: 6

5 orange circuit cleaner at home (4)
Use this homemade multipurpose cleaner safely and easily get rid from stubborn stains.



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