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How to Enjoy Chand Raat Indifferent Ways

0. various ideas of enjoying chand rat in different style

There are many festivals which are celebrated from the people and the people enjoy the events with their full buzz   and in the Muslims so many events are such on which the people take part with full anhentiascism    like the eid ul fiter, eid ul Azha, shabe brat and many events are such   in which people tale part and make it special and memorable .here we are talking about the  Muslim events   before   Eid ul fitar  and Eid ul azha   there is a night when we see the  moon  and as we see the moon at night  all the people start  to wishing  one another  because it is the day of happiness and   tomorrow will be  the day of  full  enjoying   .In Islam Eid is a religious  tradfidituon it is  given in the gift  of Muslim after fasting in  Ramadan  in the Ramadan  Muslim try to agree their Allah  who is most  merciful and beneficent  and Allah want to  happy His   human beings and eid is such a day when people are fully excited to meet one another the parties are celebrated on the  chand raat but  the Muslims you should keep in your mind  the chand raat is also a day of    blessing  when the Muslims  are  celebrating chand raat they forgive  their   whole month prayers and  busy in the preparation of eid so  remember Allah  Almighty  and enjoy the chand raat here I have some ideas to enjoy it   which is very useful for you  .

Moon appearing:

1. various ideas of enjoying chand rat in different style

When the month of Ramadan is end the next day is eid  on the chand raat people start hugs and shake hands when they see the  chand  and started  shouting  “chand nazar aa gaya  chand nazar aa gaya” the voices can be  heard from everywhere  the people go their roofs ,teruses ,gardens  and lawns for seeing the moon  and when the people see the moon they start the preparation  for eid because the next will be eid.

Jewelry   purchasing:

2. various ideas of enjoying chand rat in different style

The girls who are always remain excited for their  grooming they  go  out for shopping  after seeing the moon  the shopping of the girls remain continue   till the eid  mostly girls stitched their dress in the last 10 days of the  Ramadan  then they   want to buy the jewelry  from the market at chand raat because they want  to enjoy the lights and crowd of the markets and  where they  enjoy the shopping of the jewelry  it is very favorite work of the  girls when they are in the bazaar they  start to make Selfies  it id memorable  and you will really enjoy  the chand raat.

The eidi time:

3. various ideas of enjoying chand rat in different style

When you are   celebrating  chand raat  then it is compulsory for you to give the eidi gifts to the  others with a good packing  and the  something  write on the  card  and give some gifts to  your friends, cousins and the  girls who are going to give her friend eidi then give the other  mehendi jewelry  and the other fancy things can  be given to the  others  in eidui.

Mehendi applying :

4. various ideas of enjoying chand rat in different style

when the eid is here and we leave the  mehendi  because mehendi  is compulsory for us  to applying on  your hand with their friends  they enjoy very well .Mostly girls  invite the  mehendi expert girls and the   designer who    apply the mehendi  on the girls hands and feet  it isa big session in some one and some girls  use the nail art  for the eid and they  call nail art expert girls.

Tailor’s shop:

5. various ideas of enjoying chand rat in different style

Everybody is going to the tailor’s shop for  their dresses   because there is so much crowd on the tailor shop you can see too much hustle  and bustle on many roads and the shops   and when you are coming back then enjoy the  walking  because  the  chand raat is here  and you want to make it memorable the tailor is pressing the clothes.

Shopping   idea:

6. Various ideas of enjoying chand rat in different style

When the   chand is appearing people  go to the market  for shopping   and the  things which are uncompleted they complete the duppata matching lace and the ribbons are used  on the duppata and shirts  you can buy the shoes because it is the last day  of shopping and next day will be eid  so go for window shopping and you can buy the readymade dress for you .


there are many other ideas to  enjoying the  chandraat in the gallery  so you can attain many ideas from this article b ypu  can  make your chandrat special and the  memorable shoot  captured in your mind  and you   can go with these ideas on this eid .Eid   Mubarak  to  all Muslims.

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