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Celebrations of New Years eve in Dubai 2017


On New Year eve celebration starts everywhere but the celebration that comes to seen in Dubai wonderstruck every one with its record-breaking fire-work and rooftop parties. Before the clock struck 12 in Dubai on 31st December night make sure your presence there to visit the world’s tallest building, palm jumeirah ball or magical garden soiree in order to behold the spectacular celebration of Dubai. Millions of visitors are hosted and accommodated in large place of Dubai with their extravagant arrangements. Some ways to greet the New Year are given here;

Atlantis, the palm;


On this New Year evening the Atlantis royal gala is going to surpass all other places in their celebration for the New Year. The guests will enjoy outstanding and unforgettable views of the place and the sky line of Dubai. This hotel is located on the palm island and this is the most luxurious hotel in the world.  The celebration starts from 7.30 pm and expensive branded alcohol and delicious dinners is provided in this hotel.

Burj khalifa;


Tourists from all over the world come to see the biggest firework event on Burj khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It is the time to book hotel rooms of Burj khalifa in advance to witness the spectacular fireworks on this mesmerizing building. When the clock struck 12 at night the whole building enlightened with outstanding fireworks and lighting. And this amazing scene will leave an everlasting impression in your memory. Emaar properties organize New Year party events in which different dances and choreographed musical performances are showcased on the Burj steps of Burj khalifa and gala on the Burj lake.

Burj Al Arab;


This is also one of the most expensive hotels in the world. This lone seven star hotel is located on an island 280m away from Jumeirah beach. A special package you can have in this hotel. You can attend here cocktail party, gala dinner, fireworks show, gifts etc. It would be a privilege for you to attend the New Year celebration in this seven star hotel.

Dubai mall;


Dubai mall is one of the largest mall of the world and the largest of Dubai. The best fireworks of Burj khalifa can be seen from cabana at the address Dubai mall. At this place you can have a special package in which the night party with BBQ and music. A number of hotels are located near the Dubai mall so here you can enjoy the fabulous views of the New Year and also can have the residence nearby.

Nasimi beach party;


This party is one of the oldest night celebrations of Dubai.  All kinds of entertainment the dances, the music, pop singers and party along the Atlantis would be unforgettable experience for you.
Like all previous years Dubai is again going to do blasts with fierce-looking and awe0inspiring fireworks on sky and splendidly beautiful scenes. You will find celebration all around the country that would be unforgettable for you for the rest of your life. The best places with best drinks and foods will serve you the best. Have a memorable new year this time by visiting Dubai.


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