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What To Do for a Birthday Party at Home

1. what to do for a birthday party at home

Ideas to arrange the party at home

0. what to do for a birthday party at home

Birthday is a special day of everyone a person  who  will be  matured enough means  his nature is changed which was in  his childhood  it can be  good to say the elder person  is not happy on his birthday  because on this day  he enjoys  with his relatives ,cousins ,friends and the family .the  arrange ment of the birthday party is organized  by a person who is much responsible ad know that in which way I  can   ,make my decoration beautiful in the  birthday ceremony some  things are compulsory for decoration   as just like the  balloons ,bunting and the colorful ribbons with the candles   but it is a  tough job to organize a  party because there  are a lots of responsibilities  on him  so if you want to celebrate your birthday at home then you should keep in your mind something  which  are compulsory for you  because many  people celebrate their birthday in the   hotel ,marriage hall  etc but  some people like to go  with the parks, playground  and the backyard  because  house is a  good place  for celebrating the birthday  so if you are going to celebrate your birthday  ceremony in your home then come  with us and see the  ideas in which   way you  can arrange the party .

Decoration planned:

0+ what to do for a birthday party at home

First of all   separate your money which you have saved    then  buy some decoration items for decorating your home  like balloons ,buntings, candles ,ribbons and the   crepe paper  made    ribbons for decorating  your  party place  and it is not much expensive you can easily buy  and if you want to make your   party place more  fancy then  use the chandeliers and the lamps because these are good for   making your evening memorable.

Caps and the gifts:

Arrange the caps and the goodies  for the kids who  will  come in the  party   give the caps  every kid and they will make fun to carry it and in the pictures  they will  look innocent and attractive  and small gifts like pencils boxes, stories books and the    candies packets etc  can be given to the  kid they will really enjoy  the party and this is  a good arrangement of party at home.

Inviting cards:

Arrange the  inviting card  that how much you  want to invite the people and  the cards will be very attractive and  in your budget so these  cards you can make at your own home  cards  are very compulsory and good way to invite the people  and  the relatives ,friends ,neighbor all should be invited and make a proper place for sitting them .

Decide menu:

The menu of the birthday should be according to the every coming guest because the choice of the everyone is different with one another so all types of like   juices in different flavor, pizzas, snacks, sausage   and the burgers are good menu you can   serve the cup cake among the children because these things are almost liked by every person and the   kids are fan of the junk food.

Entertainment program:

For making your birthday party memorable you should arrange the entertainment because   the kids  and mostly the elders like the entertaining   time so you can  call the  magician and the clown  who can make the people laugh  and  they will enjoy it   and   you can make a party theme  inspired   with the fantasy land and the cartoon  characters .

  Cake order:

Cake is the central  part of the birthday party because all guest are in the wait  of cake that   they want to see  the cake   because now a day the cakes are made in so many styles and decoration cake are  inn  so  before the birthday  date  night order  a  normal size birthday cake  according to your kid’s choice  because  it is the special day of him  /her   so you can write the name of birthday person on the cake .


the things which are present in birthday party organization   should not be much expensive but you can use the spare things with the new things and make the party   full of fun and joy .Avoid to eat too much cake because it is so creamy and thick which is not good for the health .For the birthday   don’t lose your budget and use your money to live in your limits and budget.
1. what to do for a birthday party at home what to do for a birthday party at home (1) what to do for a birthday party at home (2) what to do for a birthday party at home (3) what to do for a birthday party at home


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