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Ways to Make Someone Feel Special on His Birthday

5. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

Ideas to make someone feel special on his birthday

0. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

It is not a secret that the birthday is the special day for everyone and whose we love more we want to give best surprises o their birthday .the men are very conscious in the matter of love like the ladies in the   beauty and status  .it is no doubt we all love with birthday therefore you celebrate your birthday like the   kids whether you are   mature or immature because on this day you have a right that to do what do you want  and if your birthday or boy friend party is here  and you want to make  him surprised oj his birthday then there are few tips which  you can select and  enjoy it  on the birthday of your special one  make this event  memorable and you think about the birthday surprises if you don’t have  then let  me a chance to tell you that  in which way you can make the birthday thrilling  and exciting with their  special surprises .the surprise giving is a tough job but  it is very  good for getting p[raise to the others so come with us and see the different surprises to make him special on his birthday .

0+ Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

Love notes:

1. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

First of all make the love note for your husband  take different pages and love your emotions and feeling on it  and  these note  keep it in these places where your  husband  go and  spend his mostly time  means you can keep it in the bag , cupboard ,office ,room and the  books  and it should be in different color and you can make different signs on it   you can  keep it under  the pillow or side table  when your husband  will awake  he become surprise  love note can tell your husband how much he has worth in the  eyes of you  when you are writing some notes then   say to other dear  people of him that  they make the  love note also for their birthday boy.

Room decoration:

2. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

When his  birthday is start then you should start  your work  means he is sleeping then you  blow up  the balloons  because nothing is better than the balloons on the birthday   use the balloons  art every place in the room and  keep the flowers in your room  decorate the main room of the house where the birthday boy sits    use the buntings and the  balloons with colorful light set all the things and off the light  when he will see in the morning he  will become surprise on the floor make  the flowers petals and throw the balloons in whole room  and in your attach washroom  write love message of birthday on the mirror when he will go   in the washroom he will really feel good .

Birthday breakfast:

3. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

On the day of birthday maker good breakfast for the birthday boy because the stomach is that  place  from where you can reach  in the heart of him  and  in the morning make the  favorite things in the  breakfast    with very decorative manner and   keep it in the room and serve it with the wishing of happy birthday  to you   in the normal routine when you take breakfast after  going office to him but on the birthday join him  to eat . Candle is compulsory for the birthday and you can keep the one big flower in the breakfast tray.

Doorway and car decoration:

4. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

For his birthday decorate the doorway  from where he   has to be entered use the colorful balloons  and the  fancy  ribbons with it write the name of it on the main doo of the house  v and write some message on the note and  stick it in the car of him with different  beautiful gifts   and in the porch spread the beautiful flowers with fancy buntings and the   flower  petals  in the car  decorate the  main seats  and  start a music that   will play a romantic song in recording of your voice and say happy birthday  he will really feel happiness.

Arrange a party:

5. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

When  the birthday boy is In office then call his  colleagues and friends and   give him surprise when he come back to house   off all the  lights and stand in  sequence  and   order a delicious cake  cut the cake and serve it  in  his friend   when he is entering in the door  then hold the balloons and gifts and sing the  birthday  song  give him good gifts  and make him feel special  you can give him perfumes, shirts ,glasses ,books  watch if he like  and you can give him  a news that you are pregnant   he will always remember this birthday .

Last hours of birthday:

6. Ways to Make someone Feel Special on His Birthday

In the night when you are in the room  then give him a  hot massage   and  do romance with him if he wants  to do sex with you then not say him stop because it is his day and you  should not ignore him rather  wear a sexy dress and  present him a flower   and give him a warm hug with a sweet kiss and discuss the place where you  meet first time in your life  you can go on the  beach side to celebrate birthday  and the go in cinema also.


make the birthday memorable for him with these ideas I hope you will liked my ideas and   make him surprise on the day of birthday   and in the night do much fun in your room and finish the last hour of his birthday.


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