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Various Ways to Give Surprise Husband on his Birthday

unique fun ways to surprise your husband on his birthday party (2)

How I can give Surprise to My Dear Husband on His Birthday?

unique fun ways to surprise your husband on his birthday party (1) unique fun ways to surprise your husband on his birthday party (2) Portrait of a lovely couple looking at a red rose

Do you love your husband? Of course, I am 100% sure you will be. But you may be thinking how I am hundred percent sure that you love your husband? Well, if you never love your husband then you will be not on this blog now because you love him a lot that’s why you are searching different ideas to give a surprise to him on his upcoming birthday party. Well, now you are smiling. Keep on smiling. I know surprises make an event very memorable. You want to plan something new & unique for your husband on his birthday. Well, here are some ideas that will surely impress you a lot.

•    Try to make a video tribute for your husband. But how? Well, talk with his friends, colleagues, mother, father, kids & neighbors & tell them that his birthday is coming soon so can you record your video message from him. Say them to tell his best habits, they can also express in video why they love him, why they give him respect, how much he is important in their lives & so on.  Now combine all video messages from his friends, colleagues, relatives & if you have kids then you can also include them. When the clock clicks 12 am then first wish him a birthday & then watch the video on big screen of LCD.

•    Try to write a letter for him. Write your all feeling for him that you never express before. So, it’s the right time to give words to your feeling that you have in your heart for him such as I respect you a lot, I love your smile, I love the way you cheer me up, I miss you when you are on a business trip, you make my life very wonderful, I am very much impressed from your ideas, you always guides me well, you are supportive, caring, responsible & jolly, I love your gentle way of treating your friends, neighbors, relatives & even strangers & so on. Write whatever you feel for him.

•    Convert your simple or casual bedroom into a romantic room by creating a heart on bed with rose petals. You can illuminate the bedroom with candles because candles create a romantic atmosphere. Play music in the background & have couple dance with him.

•    As the clock clicks 12: am then wish him a happy birthday & tell him “it’s your day my dear husband, I will do whatever you say to me”. This will make him to feel like a king.

•    If your husband read newspaper daily, then on his birthday get up early in the morning, receive newspaper & add a birthday note with your name into the newspaper. Now go back into the bedroom & act as you don’t know his birthday. When he will read the newspaper then of course he will surprised to see a birthday wish note from your side.

•    Go to your city’s radio broadcasting center & ask from the in charge whether they can broadcast your message for your husband on his birth day? Of course they will be. You can pay money for this message broadcasting. Tell them the time accurately. Don’t forget to tune up the radio on the exact time.

•    Give little surprise to him during the whole day. For example, when he get up then wish him a birthday & cut the cake, then make his favorite breakfast, then after some time give him a birthday gift, then after sometime invite his friend on lunch & so that his friends can wish him on lunch time, then take him on the dinner, & when you will return home then again give him a surprise by taking him into a well decorated room & cut the second cake.

•    If his favorite object has broken in the recent days, then on his birthday you give him surprise by repairing his favorite object or by buying a new one into the same design.

•    On his birthday you can give him a surprise by showing your interest into his favorite hobby that you usually never like in regular routine.

•    Arrange a dinner for him. Use candles & flowers for making your dinner very romantic.  It’s an old but its works great each time. Try to order his favorite food. Order the hotel manager to set his favorite color flowers into the centerpiece that will be kept on the dinner table. You can arrange a surprise party, trip or you can buy a surprise gift for him.


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