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Outdoor Birthday Party Game Ideas for Every One

Ideas to arrange a birthday party games in outdoor

0. Outdoor birthday party game ideas for every one

Birthday is a special  day for everyone  and everybody wants to enjoy it with his full buzz  .To celebrate the birthday party there is no limit of  age because   we all spend  normal day whole year but if  we spend our one day with full fun and happiness then  our whole year spend in the memories of that function .The  birthday party is arranged in the honor of  friends ,relatives and neighbors  because they  love to us  and want to see us in happ.some people  arrange these parties  in the rooms ,drawing rooms ,hotels ,restaurants  etc and  somebody arrange the theme   in outdoor because outdoor birthday party is very good idea because the space for people is very  vast  and the  fresh air is good  for breathe  and  in the house kids can  blemish your decoration  but if you arrange the party in the home then arrange the garden for the  kids ,adult and others  to   for enjoying because kids want to enjoy freely and feel bore in the gathering of elders.  No doubt adults are something  sensible  and  prudent  but when they   go somewhere they want to must enjoy that  function so  a complete arrangement of outdoor  birthday party games   so  take the ideas  to arrange outdoor  games birthday party.

Balloon blowing:

0+ Outdoor birthday party game ideas for every one

First of all  use some balloons  and  combine it and then tie it together  with a thread   n the pipes  and then put a lid on it  and put it at the  front of the  tap  and when you will open  the   tap your all balloons were filled with water  fill all the balloons with water and put it in to the  bath tub and  open the  tap the water will flow ion them it look really  nice  when the children  play with it they will feel   happy and in the summer it is good  idea to  keep it.

Bucket game:

1. Outdoor birthday party game ideas for every one

Keep the colorful bucket in the garden in a sequence   and say the kids put the ball into it   how many balls fall in to  the bucket  that points will you gain in this game   because this  is the favorite game of the  all  children adults can also join them and  make a great fun for themselves   At the place of short buckets keep something big   at the side of the short one is for the  adult and one for the kids.

For the elder persons:

2. Outdoor birthday party game ideas for every one

The elder person like the parents and  for  the  other  relatives  make a good place to sit and where they can enjoy  for them a  singing competition   with the loud speakers and  the  buffers  keep in the lawn    and you can  select a  game of bouquet  wrapping  then who will  do the first he or she will be winner  it is god way for enjoying  when all are busy in their activities then you  arrange  your   cake and other preparation  complete.

Wrapping the goodies:

3. Outdoor birthday party game ideas for every one

The teen age girls are something shy and the    reserve  they don’t want to talk    with anyone   without any  affiliation then if they are boring then keep a competition  for the teen girls  to   pack the gifts  for the kids which are given them after finishing the party  and say them who will decorate it  best she will be winner . Give them different covers to pack the things and tell them time limitation.

Swimming pool idea:

4. Outdoor birthday party game ideas for every one

If you are arranging the birthday in the summer then pool is a good idea because it attracts the kids and adult   arrange a big   swimming tub   for all the kids and adults    with the full pressure water   and if the party is at night then keep some lamps lights and the bulbs for an illuminating effect   when the lights reflects on the pool water it look so shiny and beautiful. Add some balloons and the   animals to play in the pool.

Racing competition:

5. Outdoor birthday party game ideas for every one

Arrange a racing competition between teen girls and boys and say they to keep this plate in that circle etc and you can use the net for badminton or basket ball net is also good choice   and you can   do the simple  racing  and  cricket  match it is good way  for passing the time in  good way. For the kids you can arrange the water toy games   in the reward   because it is very attractive for the kids.

Gift hampers games:

Do a toss  of every game  and who  has gained  the highest marks  then give him/her  big gift hamper and  give the small gifts pack give  all the competition and the kids  they will enjoy the party  with full happiness  and then the cake cutting ceremony is come  go in your home and enjoy the cake with different  edible things.



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