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Birthday Party Menu Ideas

1. birthday party menu ideas

Arrange the menu of birthday party

Birthday is a special day for everyone on this day all want to enjoy and forget their all tensions and problems which he has faced in his previous years.  Birthday is the day for the kids means when they are in the little age when they celebrate their birthday with great fun   and their family is included in the fun with their child .Many parents celebrate their child’s birthday with full thrill and enthusiast.   The main work on the birthday   is decoration and the   menu because decoration   inspire the kids they   become fascinate with the colorful balloons and the bunting   because it make the  birthday ceremony more colorful and    they  fully enjoy it  .the birthday is such a day when all your friends ,family members and the  close relatives wishing you  and  the birthday boy and  the girl feeling himself/herself like a  fairy of heaven  .The menu of the birthday party should be selected according to your budget because if you go  except it you  will feel bad and the arrangement will never be good   and make   menu always according to the taste of  all guest means not make  things in large quantity but the number of  items should be  more because all  type of guest come in the party  and all  the choices are different to one another  so here I have some ideas which I would like to share with you and these  ideas are about to select the  menu and the things which I want  tell you  that  try to make things at home  because the  junk food are not  healthy for the kids .


1. birthday party menu ideas

The cake is the central part of the birthday party when you organize  a  birthday party then all the people remain in the wait of cake  and you should not make too much big cakes because cake is only for the  cake cutting ceremony and for taste  but it is good for you that  order  to cakes for the party because the choice if the kids are different than the elders   order a cartoon inspired  cake and  write your kid name on it  and this cake deliver in the all the guest kids and order a chocolate /pineapple cake  and this is for the elders   so all people can eat the cake   according to their  wish.



2. birthday party menu ideas

Sandwiches are the favorite dish of the children in the  salty foods and try to make sandwich in the   home because which  food we make at home they are   healthy and we can add the things according to our wish  you can add the salad in the sandwich if  your kid like the  cheese then make cheesy  chicken sandwich  and  half make the vegetable cheesy sandwich because some guests like the   vegetable  and keep it on a beautiful stand with fully decoration  of tomatoes and the  lettuce  in the sandwich. At the place of sandwiches you can go with the chicken role because it is also very tasty.

Cold drinks /juices:

3. birthday party menu ideas

In the birthday or any   ceremony the cold drinks are must included in the menu without the child can’t digest their food and these cold drinks very harmful for the health   it is good for you that serve your guests with the delicious juices because juices are fresh and   make in the home with clean and tidy way the seasonal fruits can used in the juices and make the smoothies you can decorate the juice with lemon and the pineapple.


4. birthday party menu ideas

Pizza is the delicious meal and all are the fan of the pizzas so order to a big pizza but you can also make  the pizza at home because it is so easy   and pizza should be not more cheesy and the  spice should be less because kids have also eat  and there are  many flavors in the  pizza and  you can go with this deal  of pizza hut buy one get one free and enjoy the guest with full  joy and fond.

Ice cream:

5. birthday party menu ideas

6. birthday party menu ideas 7. birthday party menu ideas

When you have eaten many things   then it is good for you that offer your guest   for an ice cream because the entire guest the kid’s mother also like the ice cream and make it in the cones and the cups so if it melt then no spots of ice cream can touch your new dresses you can make the mango cone ice cream at home because now a day the mango season is inn and it is very east and full of   tasty touches and these flavors ice cream which are  available in market it is also very easy to make at home so  put the  ice cream in the cups and serve it with the wafers.


8. birthday party menu ideas

When  there is  sometime in cutting the cake and the children are feeling bore  then arrange a clown or  magician  for the entertainment  and serve the snacks to the kids  and in the  snacks nimko,chips ,French fries etc are  good in this they   will enjoyed and not disturbs their elders  and these snacks put in a try which have many portion  and in all the portion keep different edible things and you can decorate the snacks in beautiful pots. With the snacks you can add the sausage burger and the fry nuggets which are liked by many kids.

Final note:

On the birthday parties add these things and collect the praises  from all guests  and if your kid like the smoothies then it is also good  and at the place f sandwiches you can add the salad also  and if you don’t like then custard jelly pudding is   great dessert   and  cheesy pasta is also very tasty   but not too much eat in the birthday because all the things are heavy protein ,fiber  and  nutrients it can  attack on the stomach. I hope you will like my article select these things for arrange a birthday party menu.


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